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Verify and Find emails

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Keyword Research is the most critical part of SEO. SerpStat provides SEO analysis on your domains, URL and keywords.

Now, you can easily pull SerpStat data directly to your stack via SerpStat API integration. With this you track your off-page SEO metrics as well.

Build your keyword research tracker in seconds - 

  • Connect your workspace with SerpStat
  • Punch in the Keyword or Domain URL
  • Connect column to SerpStat API
  • Bring in Keyword details (CPC, Volume, Difficulty etc.) and Backlink details (No-follow, do-follow etc.)

Not only that, you can analyze how you’re performing against your competitors in real-time both for on-page keywords as well as backlinks

Available API Functions

Verify email

Get status of given comma separated emails with detail report.

Reference Input column: Emails (comma separated list)

Output: Email valid or not

Find email

Get email addresses using the person’s first name, last name, and a domain name.

Reference Input column: FirstName, LastName and Domain

Output: Email valid or not

Find email number of perticular domain

Get paginated contact lists.

Output: Contact Lists

Find all emails by domain

Get paginated contacts.

Output: Contacts

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