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Project Tracker Template

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For those of you who manage multiple project portfolios, effect project management tracking has never been easy. No matter what your project management plan is, a project tracker is a must-have to track your projects. That’s why we have this Stackby Project Tracker Template for you. This template is a combination of PM software and the best project tool rolled into one for your project management. When you use this Project Tracker Template, you:

- No longer need to manage your project separately

- Get an aerial view of all your projects on a single table

- Manage your team and clients on separate tables but bring all your related data on to
a single table with Stackby’s link, lookup and aggregate feature

- Add notes, keep track of deadlines, view projects as per status and deadlines through
Kanban and calendar views respectively. 

- Create checklists and reminders on individual rows 

- Collaborate with your team in real-time to get things done 

So are you ready for your next project? We are ready. Make this Project Tracker template a part of your project management methodology to make project tracking a breeze.