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Free Competitor Backlink Analysis Template

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Want to track your SEO efforts on autopilot? Use our backlinks and position tracking template to exactly do that. Just connect it with Ahrefs and track all the SEO metrics directly on Stackby. 

Here are the few metrics you can track using the template -

Backlinks - The number of backlinks your site has generated over time. 

Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks - The number of no follow and do follow links a site has attracted. 

Referring Pages - The total number of pages pointing to your site. 

Traffic - The average number of organic visitors a website gets every month. 

Keyword Position - The total number of organic keywords according to its position. 

You can use the template for the following - 

Competitor Backlink Analysis - Analyse competitor websites and gauge their organic authority. This especially useful for guest posting and backlinking outreach. You can ensure reaching out to a good website for maximum SEO benefit. 

SEO Reporting - Creating an SEO report? Let the APIs do the hard work for you. Use our template to create reports on autopilot.