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Student Tracking Templates

Student Tracking

Whether you are in charge of a school, college, or an entire university, your primary and most essential responsibility are towards your students. Ensuring that the students are on the right track will lead to better performance and a brighter future.

The performance of your institution is dependent on the academic development of your students. Hence, it is essential that you continuously track and monitor your student’s progress.

Tracking a student’s progress is beneficial for both the student and the faculty members. It encourages the students to overcome their shortcomings and aim higher. On the other hand, it allows the faculty members to track the overall performance and get an idea of which strategies benefit the students. Effective tracking will help you understand which students are lagging and why and will allow you to fix the problem without wasting any time.

Every institution needs a proper platform to record and update, as and when required, every detail about their students, starting from which courses they’ve signed up for, their advisor details, to the number of credits they’ve collected.

However, with too many students across various departments, tracking their academic journey can prove quite a hassle! Don’t worry! Stackby is here to assist you with your problem! With Stackby’s Student Tracking Template, you can keep track of everything and everyone with the click of a single button!

Using our custom-made Student Tracking Template, you can monitor your student’s progress and record all the information relevant to student data tracking on a single interface. Stackby’s template will allow you to:

  • Record details of every student, advisor, and course.
  • Continuously update the records on the student data tracking sheet.
  • Assign Student ID and store the department they belong to, and the semester they’re currently in.
  • Assign an advisor to every student.
  • Keep track of the courses that each student has signed up for.
  • Monitor and regularly update the number of credits that each student has earned to date.
  • Store contact information of each advisor and keep detailed records of which students have been assigned to a particular advisor.
  • Track the status of students under each advisor (On track/ Fallen behind).
  • Keep track of the courses being currently offered by each department of your institution.
  • Record the names of all students in a particular course and assign an advisor to each course.

Now you can store, monitor, and update all that information in one place! Whether you’re running a school, college, or an entire university, Stackby’s Student Tracking Template is the answer to all your struggles regarding effective student tracking!

Training and Placement Management Templates

Training and Placement Management

The training and placement records of your college are the first thing that potential students check before they decide to apply for your courses. Parents judge any college in terms of the placements that have been offered to its students throughout the years. So, to ensure that students enrol in your institute, you must have an impeccable student training and placement program!

Teaching your students is just one part of the process. The other vital half is training them for the real world with actual practical experience. Regular training and internship programs with reputed companies serve this purpose exactly!

Internship programs allow students to realise their potential and assist them in setting and shaping their career goals. Interning with different companies will give your students first-hand experience and an understanding of what they’re signing up for after graduating college. The four walls of a classroom will only give them limited exposure.

If you want your graduating batch to be well equipped with all the tools they need to excel and lead a successful professional life, training and internships are your answer. The next step after training is placement. Students work hard for the entire duration of the course to ensure that they get the best placements after graduating college.

Considering the importance of training and placement, every institution needs to keep meticulous records of their programs in real-time. With different departments and multiple companies coming for internship programs and placements, keeping track of everything may prove to be difficult. That’s why we’re here!

Stackby’s Training and Placement Template is a one-stop solution to ensure your success and that of your students! Now you can keep track of all the student programs, internships, and conduct placement management in one place. Using Stackby’s Training and Placement Management Template, you can:

  • Record the details of students that have signed up for different programs.
  • Assign a guide to each student to assist them through the entire process.
  • Track the start date and end date of each internship/ training program.
  • Record the duration of each training program.
  • Store details of all the companies that have offered internships and placement to students at your institute. 
  • Keep track of the total number of students placed in each company. 
  • Record details of each guide (Total number of interns and companies assigned to each guide).
  • Track the status of each training and placement program and upload weekly reports.
  • Monitor and continuously update every detail.

With an easy-to-use and simplified interface, Stackby’s Training and Placement Management Template lets you check your student’s progress and internship status all in one place! 

Course Scheduling Templates

Course Scheduling

Whether you are the head of a department in a university or the principal of a school, scheduling and managing courses can be chaotic! With more and more institutions switching to online classes, the need for proper scheduling has increased. This is why Stackby has launched a state-of-the-art Course Scheduling Template!

Why is course scheduling important?

Effective course scheduling is important for both faculty and students. A well-managed course schedule will ensure:

  • Higher student satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Effective utilisation of the faculty’s time.
  • Avoid the allotment of back-to-back classes to professors in order to increase their efficiency in class.
  • Ensure that the same professor is not allotted multiple classes in the same time slot.
  • Reduce the stress level of students and faculty alike.
  • Effective utilisation of university or school resources.

What should you keep in mind while scheduling courses?

The primary set of people affected directly by how you schedule courses are the students and faculty members. Hence, surveying and understanding their needs and constraints is essential before you begin working on a course schedule. Apart from this, the infrastructure, budget, and deadline of courses also affect how you schedule the courses.

It is safe to say that an institution cannot function if proper resources and time are not dedicated to creating a course schedule. Stackby is here to your rescue!

Our Course Scheduling Template is here to make your job easier. We will help you reduce the time and effort you devote to this activity with our easy-to-use template. Keep track of all your course scheduling information on a single platform. You can centralise scheduling for all your departments and courses with this template. Using the Course Scheduling Template, you can:

  • Keep detailed records of all your faculty members and their position (Professor/ Assistant Professor/ Guest Lecturer).
  • Store the contact details of the faculty to avoid any communication gap.
  • Check the current availability status of each faculty member (Active/ Holiday/ Leave).
  • Track all ongoing courses in your institute.
  • Continuously update which chapter of each course is currently being taught.
  • Assign teaching credits to each course.
  • Assign classes to professors according to their availability.
  • Keep track of the days on which classes of a course are being held.
  • Record the seating capacity and type of each room (Lecture hall/ Small/ Medium/ Large room).
  • Track which classes are being held in each room and at what time.

A well-managed course schedule will result in satisfied and content faculty members and students, which in turn ensures better performance of your institute. So, do not waste any more time. Access Stackby’s Course Scheduling Template today and notice the difference yourself!