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Legal Case Analysis & Management Template

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As a legal firm (or even individuals managing legal issues), keeping track of different cases is not an easy thing. Sure, you are competent, but it always helps you stay one step ahead when you are organized.

For those in the legal profession, this legal analysis template helps you organize your cases, people/witnesses, keep track of your legal team, as well as different accounts as well as revenue based on the total number of hours that you spend on each client.

The Legal Case Analysis Template Explained

We have created the legal case analysis template with 5 tables. Here they are:

  • Cases
  • Team
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Clients

Maintain each table separately, but bring along corresponding data via links and lookups. So build up your cases on the cases table, clients on the clients’ table, contacts for each case on another and your team members on yet another table. We are sure that you have different accounts that are managed by your team members. 

The template uses links, lookups, and aggregation to bring together relevant data. So you have cases that are linked to corresponding clients and accounts linked to clients (and their cases as well).