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Employee Onboarding Template

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So now that interview is over and done with and you have that prized candidate willing to come on-board as an employee. You know that apart from the interview, the on-boarding process is what creates a lasting impression on the new employee. How do you ensure what’s the priority when it comes to Employee On-Boarding? The Stackby Employee On-Boarding Stack should help you with smooth-sailing through the entire process.

The Stackby Employee On-Boarding Stack lets you add in data about new joinees, and you can connect the dots to on-boarding step-by-step. Create checklists so you know you can check off a step as soon as it is done. Add in deadlines and resources that need to be shared with the new joinees. Connect the tables and data so you can look at and interpret the data as you. Ensure efficiency at all stages of on-boarding to create a great employee experience.