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Social Media Calendar Template

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You know that your presence on social media goes a long way where marketing and branding are concerned. What better than a social media calendar to keep track of when and where you need to make your presence felt in the social media. Check out our template for a social media calendar that you can also use as a social media planner. This social media calendar template not only tells you when you need to post your messages but also about what topics - be it a conversation starter, a blog post, a tweet is needed to boost your online presence. Add in more topics on the go - research online trends, celebrate holidays.

Anyone on your marketing team can use this social media calendar - plan your posts, the deadlines, the team member in charge of each post and graphics, track your hashtags, and collaborate with your team in real-time. Add in checklists and reminders to ensure your team meets their deadlines. Easily plan your month-to-month social posts on this social media calendar.