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Email Marketing Template

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For every organization that is on the email marketing platform, it is important to know which way you are heading with your email campaigns. All of us know that campaigns are just more than conversions though of course that is the end result. But the path that starts with the ideation and ends at conversion is strewn with goals, topics, send dates, the team that manages these campaigns, open rates, industry segments that you want to reach out to and what not. There is a whole galaxy of information that needs to be entered and sorted out to know how well your email campaigns are doing.

What if you could manage it all in one platform vs. different spreadsheets? A ready made stack of tables that will help you adapt to your organizational requirements and yet get you the information you need easily? Check out the Stackby Email Marketing Stack. Yup, it is stack – a stack of tables specially designed for your email marketing needs. It has everything you need – the list of email campaigns that you sent out or plan to send out, the goal for each campaign, the images you used or plan to use in each campaign, the industry segments you want to hit or already hit, the topics (or add in a column with the subject line and the email body), the formulas that will help you know the conversion rate or open rates. Add or remove what you do not need or change the parameters. The tables are all connected, which means that all the information can be had at one go. The best feature is that you can collaborate with your Email Marketing Team in real time – now those deadlines need not wait till your team gets to access their inbox. Simply easy isn’t it!

Now that you email marketing is on its way to easy management, just make sure you don your creative hats and get more of those creative stuff sending out as email campaigns.