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Free Email Verification Template Template

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Verify a group of emails using our free email verification template powered using Zerbounce’s API. The template allows you to check if an email is valid or not. In addition to this, you can also check the SMTP provider and the domain age. 

Here’s what it can use the template for - 

  1. Verify and validate emails.
  2. Filter business email ids from a list of emails.
  3. Check the age of the organisation
  4. Increase email deliverability

You can use email verification for - 

Lead qualification - Don’t waste your time in reaching out to irrelevant leads. Qualify the leads by validating the emails and checking the domain age. 

Cold Emails outreach - Reach out to right business email ids by validating them. This helps you streamline your outreach and maintain the health of your email domain (by sending emails to only valid domains)

Backlink outreach - Ensure to reach the right bloggers and prospects by verifying your email list first. Helps you get more responses and higher deliverability.