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Google Analytics Reporting Template

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If you’re fed up of updating google analytics data on a spreadsheet, this template can make things a hundred times easier. With direct integration with Stackby, you can pull data from analytics automatically. Just authenticate your account once and you’re good to go. This helps you save time and streamline your website tracking process.

Here’s what you can do using GA integrations on Stackby-

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard - By using our GA integration you can create automated Google Analytics dashboards under a few minutes. You can use it to track specific aspects of your website like organic, paid, conversions and more.

You just need to copy the stack and configure it yourself.

Google Analytics Custom Reporting - What’s better than bringing all the data into a single workspace. Using the integration you can create automated reports for Sessions, Page views and users. In addition to the default sheet view, we also use a Kanban view where you can take a glimpse of all the metrics for each month in the form of cards.

If you want to use the below template, just create a free account on Stackby and click on “Copy Stack”. Stackby helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. It allows you to build and customise solutions the way you want. Happy Tracking and Reporting!