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Video Production Planning and Tracking Template

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Whether you run a YouTube channel or video production agency you’d know how important it is to manage videos. You need to have a system to track everything. Our video production template helps you to do just that. 

Our production template allows you to - 

  1. Track your video projects in a kanban style interface. You can create multiple rows depending on requirements. If you’re not comfortable you can also choose from other layouts. 
  2. If you’re tracking YouTube videos you can easily integrate with our YouTube Analytics API to get metrics like video views, number of likes and comments. All this without shifting between applications. 
  3. Manage and easily collaborate your video strategy at one place. This specially helps in case you work remotely or with freelancers. You also get the flexibility to assign users to projects. 

To use the API all you need is copy this stack and add in your own API key from Google Developers Console. After authentication, you’ll be able to track all the metrics in just a few clicks. 

To use the video production template, just create a free account on Stackby and click on the “Copy Stack” button. Stackby helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. Build and customise solutions the way you want.