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Donation Management Template

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Are you someone who donates to a charity on a regular basis? Donating to a charitable institution for a cause is really great, but it is equally important that you track and manage your donations. No matter how much you donate, donation tracking and management is important. With the Stackby Donation Management Template you can easily do your donation tracking to charities and charitable institutions.  

With the Stackby Donation Management Template, you can:

- Easily track the type of donation you have given -- cash or kind

- Add in invoices for your donations as attachments to your template stack

- Track the day/year and amount of donations given to charitable institutions

- Keep track of payment modes so that tracking payment source becomes easy

- Enlist and keep track of charitable institutions and Foundations that you have been donating to

- Link up your charitable organizations and donations easily to bring correlated data together automatically

Donation management has never been this easy. No matter how many charities you donate to, manage and track them on Stackby.