Work automation, like never before.

Automate your spreadsheets, wait databases.

Connect your columns to popular services via APIs to bring information automatically and refresh in real-time to bring the latest. Without any coding or technical skills.

All in a spreadsheet? No, 100% Databases.

Connect columns to API

Choose from one of the popular APIs and connect to your columns. Connect to Facebook, YouTube, MailChimp, Google and more.

Configure your columns with data

Reference your input column and pull data automatically from the API service. Configure data to columns from an in-built data explorer.

Refresh in real-time

Refresh your cell or multiple cells, to bring real-time data in your rows. No more manually updating your spreadsheets.

No more manually updating the same information in your spreadsheets.

With Stackby, you can automate your campaign metrics, video metrics, keyword research, lead lists, enrich company and people data and more - all in your customizable spreadsheet style databases.

An average spreadsheet user can save these many hours every week


Automate your spreadsheets, today.

Build your own complete work tools - to plan, manage and automate your work in a single place.