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Get data on your Facebook posts from your page

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Who doesn’t know Facebook? Facebook is the most used social media platform, with over 2.45 Billion monthly active users (as of 2020).

Now, you can integrate with Facebook Post Insights to bring in your posts data from the social media pages that you have integrated with your account.

Build your social media content tracker - 

This integration will help you bring in insights/data of your Facebook Page Posts directly to Stackby.

  • Connect your workspace with Facebook
  • Punch in the Facebook Post ID
  • Connect column to Facebook Post API
  • Bring in detail about your Facebook Page posts (reactions, impressions and more).

Same you can do with Instagram Media IDs as well to bring details about your Instagram posts. 

Not only plan and manage your social media content calendar but also bring Facebook and Instagram post analytics in a single place.

Available API Functions

Facebook Post Details

Get your Facebook posts data of your page

Reference Input column: Facebook Post ID

Output: Analytics of that post (impressions, activity, reactions, clicks, video views etc.)

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