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Bring social sharing metrics of any URL

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Overview is a free social share count checker. Track your URL shares in seconds!

For every content writer or an organisation the main concern is to know how their content is performing and how well they are performing on social media.

Create your custom content calendar and track content analytics using SharedCount API: 

Using the direct integration Stackby has with SharedCount you can directly bring the share count data into Stackby and analyse and work accordingly.

  • Connect your workspace with SharedCount account
  • Punch in the URL of the content (blog, landing page or video)
  • Connect column to SharedCount API
  • Bring share count (Facebook, Pinterest and more) data into Stackby

Create your content calendar with content distribution and social sharing analytics using SharedCount or select from a pre-built template.

Available API Functions

Return share count for URL

Get social sharing analytics for any URL

Reference Input column: Website URL

Output: Social sharing links (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.) for a given URL

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