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Advertising Agency Workflow Process Template

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Advertising Agency Workflow Process Template
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Agency workflow template :

Creativity without structure will seldom help you reach your desired objective. Oftentimes the ad agencies get caught up in problems like inadequate data reporting or finding the right inspiration in the ever-changing super competitive marketing industry. Stackby offers you a robust structure with our Advertising Agency Workflow Process Template. This template helps you keep a track of your advertising projects and manage your ad agency in one single platform. 

What is an advertising agency workflow?

An ad agency workflow is a series of steps followed by the advertising agency to fulfill their business goals. This workflow may include content creation, art direction, search engine optimization, accounting as well as ad distribution. Streamlining the ad agency process flow helps the managers or team leaders to synchronize the different activities and create a process. 

How to create an ad agency workflow process?

The creative workflow process of any advertising agency involves certain fundamental steps:

  1. Start with your creative brief. It gives you an outline of what the client is looking for in terms of content, target audience and budget.
  2. Set project milestones. This will ensure that you are moving in the right direction.
  3. Divide the entire process into smaller tasks to simplify the work.
  4. Assign team leaders and team members to each task. This eliminates repetitive work and guarantees that each task is worked upon.
  5. Identify the risks and potholes so that you can keep them in check.
  6. Brainstorm creative ideas by doing extensive research on your project.
  7. Keep track of each task using well-designed templates.
  8. Ensure that the work being done is within the client’s budget.
  9. Review and recheck your work before seeking final approval.

Why do you need an advertising agency workflow template?

A well-planned creative flow chart will help your advertising agency produce and deliver quality products to your clients and improve your ad agency’s efficiency and popularity.

Establishing this agency process workflow and keeping track of it to get the desired results can occasionally prove to be difficult for your advertising agency.

Well, we at Stackby, have come to your rescue! Put on your creative hats and get to work with our tailor-made Advertising Agency Workflow Process Template for your ad agency! With multiple clients and an even greater number of ads, you can use our workflow process template to streamline your advertising agency creative process and achieve your goal.  

How can Stackby’s advertising agency workflow process template help you?

You can use our template to:

  • Keep track of all your advertising agency projects in one place.
  • Create and edit your process workflow anytime.
  • Track the start and end date of each task to avoid delays.
  • Assign team members to each task to increase accountability.
  • Track the amount spent on each ad and compare it with the assigned budget.
  • Store all the specifications of each ad on one platform (This includes size, preferred format, spec type, etc)
  • Assign status to each ad type (Yet to start/ WIP/ Done/ Revision)
  • Use our Status Board, which is available in Kanban view to access all your advertising agency projects easily.

Who is this template for?

This template will be best used by Advertising agencies, SEO agencies, creative agencies, marketers, and startups. 

What is included in this template?

The advertising agency workflow process template includes 4 tables:

1. Client Scoping :

This table includes the details of all the requirements for a client’s ad project like the name of the requirement, status (reviewed, in-process, done, to-do, etc.). It defines which team member is responsible for fulfilling which requirement. 

2. All Specs :

This table describes the specifications of every ad being created along with its budget, format, status and the person responsible for the ad. 

3. Schedule :

It includes the project calendar to help your team stay on track and follow deadlines. 

4. Team :

It includes the details of all the team members, their title and responsibilities.

This free advertising agency workflow process template with a simple and easy-to-use interface will be a game-changer for your operations. It is a one-stop solution to all your workflow problems! Use it now and experience the difference!

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