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Remote Work Templates

Whether you're managing your daily standups for your remote teams, organizing virtual events, tracking remote requests or handling your distributed team's time off - make your remote work operations more effective with these templates.

Daily Check-ins Template By Stackby Templates

Daily Check-Ins

In these tough times during the pandemic, organizations are compelled to provide remote work to the employees. The management must keep an eye on the employees and what they are up to at the current moment. This can be a hassle if all the data has to be recorded separately. Stackby's Daily Check-in Template will ensure that you can keep the check-ins and check-out data of the employees in a single place and analyze it anytime. What is a Daily Check-in Template? A Daily Check-in template is a format wherein the employees can fill out their work schedules, timesheets of different priorities for the day, and any problem they have can be asked in the template. The daily check-in template also records the check-in and check-out time of the employee for a particular day. What does the Stackby Daily Check-in Template Offer? It tracks the working hours of the employees. It is easy to use and understand and offers flexibility. It allows you to plan your day efficiently, view a week's worth of work in a single glance and add essential notes. It helps you organize your day and plan for the upcoming days. The time and the composition can be recorded along with the type of work. It can also be used on a mobile phone, so you don't have to carry your system everywhere.  The Stackby daily check template is flexible and can be edited anytime without any hassle. Who will find this template useful? Organizations primarily use this template. The management and the employees can use this template to track their work and mark their attendance. But this template can also be used by schools, colleges to note down family activities and as a personal planner. It is flexible and easy to use, and you can view it anytime, even on your mobile phone.
Remote Readiness Survey Template By Stackby Templates

Remote Readiness Survey

The ongoing pandemic that has hit the entire world and its shock waves is invoking resilience powers in people that we never guessed we had. People are scared to come out of their houses, some have lost their jobs, and anyone who has retained their job has been working from home. A Remote Readiness Survey Template helps employers determine whether the candidates have the means and motivation to work from home. Your organization might have a different set of requirements from the other companies. Therefore, you can customize the template according to your needs. With Stackby’s remote work assessment template, you can improve the hiring process and thrive in the market even with empty workplaces. Why do we need a Remote Readiness Survey Template? Skills can vary from job to job. For example, various issues concerning different roles, personality traits, flexibility, communication, etc., can be routed through this assessment. There are several areas in which a remote readiness template helps. Some of them are: Remote Work Survey: Via a remote readiness template, you can analyze your current work from home policy, especially if it is your first time providing work from home to employees. There is already a lot of confusion and ambiguity among the employees. Employee satisfaction survey: Employee satisfaction is key to a harmonious workplace. You can easily gauge the feedback from the employees through this form. Help organize data: A remote readiness survey template will help you assess your company’s readiness to go remote. You can easily collect the responses from various sources and save them to use later too. How does Stackby’s Remote Readiness Template help you? Stackby’s remote readiness template helps you gauge employee information from different categories and areas in an organized manner. It assesses the feasibility of the candidate as to whether he/she is motivated enough or technically abundant. You can easily track and manage the staff with information about their resources and require them to do work from home comfortably. It is easily customizable, and you can categorize the data the way you want. Make your teams remote ready by analyzing their data from a single platform. Add columns such as name, department, phone number, personal detail, family member details, broadband connection, computer/laptop, etc. Level up your work with this quick to adopt remote survey template and make your teams ready for remote work. Create an account on Stackby to access the Remote Readiness Survey Template for free.