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Copy Management Template

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Email is still one of the most effective ways to market your service or product. Whether you are an agency, lead generation company, a marketer or a sales person, I bet it becomes a tad confusing when you have to choose the appropriate copy for your email campaign. You are also concerned if you have used it previously or whether you made the right selection. That’s where Stackby can help you out! Our Copy Management Template was created specially for this scenario.

Use this email Copy Management Template to plan and maintain your email copies and allocate it to the appropriate campaign. So that is 90% of your work done in advance. What remains is just adding it to the email campaign manager to send it to relevant contacts. 

This email copy management template is simple and lets you know the instances you used a template from the campaign and particular campaign it was used for. The Copy Management Template also helps you stagger the templates for different campaigns and makes the process easier for your marketing team.

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