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Digital Asset Management Template

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Digital Asset Management Template
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Do your team members often complain about misplaced audio files or videos? Do you often waste a lot of time searching for the presentation you created last month? Are you completely utilizing the assets created by your creative team?

A digital asset management tool helps you implement digital assets more efficiently throughout your organization. It allows you to store, share, manipulate, and analyze all the digital assets from a centralized location. You can share this digital asset management tool with your team for their convenience. Stackby’s digital asset management template allows you to store all your digital assets in one place and enables you to access them across all your devices.

What is Included in Stackby’s Digital Asset Inventory Template

Our template includes three different tables that help you manage all your assets in one place – Assets, Project, Topic

Assets: The Assets table includes all the details digital assets such as:

  • Asset name
  • Collaborator
  • Status (released for use, under development, retired, up-to-date, etc.)
  • File Type (document, audio, picture, video, etc.)
  • Topic of the asset
  • Attachments (the digital asset itself)
  • Language of the asset
  • Last date updated
  • Project associated with the asset

Project: This table includes how many assets are related to every project running in your organization.

Topics: This table stores the number of assets related to different topics such as education, health, advertisment, etc.

View All Assets in Asset Gallery

Check out the gallery view in the IT asset management template and visualiaze all the assets created by your team. This makes selecting and finding assets much easier!

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Store Assets Automatically with Stackby Forms

The digital asset inventory template also comes with an Asset Submission Form that allows you to store assets and their corresponding information automatically to the Assets table of the template.

All you have to do is share this form with your team and once they are done with creating the asset, they can add it to the asset management system by submitting this form.

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Who can Use the Asset Management Template?

People in marketing and advertising, academic institutions, publishing houses, sports and media personnel, the government, and retailers can use this digital asset management template for a clearer picture of their digital assets and use it to improve their efficiency. Even students can customize this template to manage their academic assets related to different subjects.

What are the Benefits of Digital Asset Management?

Streamline creation of assets: You have to just create the asset once and then you can make necessary changes in it whenever required. You can also distribute the asset within your team or to your clients.

Automated asset management: You can send notification about updates in an asset or set reminders about deadlines as per your requirements.

Ensure consistency: You can ensure that all the assets created by your brand follow a similar pattern such as a similar color scheme, similar voice, tone, etc.

Reduce file search time: You do not have to waste time searching that file in your computer. Stackby provides a centralized repository for all your assets.

Start Using Digital Asset Management Plan Template Today!

Copy this template to your Workspace and start using it instantly.

  • Upload PDFs, text documents, images, videos, and other assets
  • Add collaborators for every asset
  • Add project details for every asset
  • Categorise your assets into different topics
  • Share your asset management and tracking system with your team/clients

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