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Google Search Console Reporting Template

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Google Search Console Reporting Template
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From deciding which phone to buy to finding directions to the nearest restaurant, people use google for everything today. Hence, visibility on Google has become a deciding factor in the success of any venture in the present time.

So, the question arises. How do you analyse and improve your presence on Google? The answer lies in Google Search Console. What is Google Search Console? 

Keep reading to find out.

Simply put, Google Search Console will help you monitor and improve your website’s organic performance on Google. It analyses how Google views your website. Using the multiple tools provided by Google, you can significantly improve the website experience of your customers. Therefore, this is a must have for all businesses and so is the Google Search Console Reporting Template. 

Why should you use Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is used by everyone starting from business owners, web developers to SEO specialists. How does it help? It enables you to:

  • Find queries that drive traffic to your website.
  • View how often your website appears in Google search.
  • List the sites that link to your website most often.
  • Find out which pages on your website are more popular among users.
  • Check your robot.txt file to view the pages that have been kept outside the purview of the search engine by you.
  • Use the Fetch and Render tool to see how Google crawls your website.
  • Fix your redirect and indexing problems.

How to use Google Search Console?

The self-explanatory interface allows anyone to use the search console by simply following each step.

  1. Add your website to Google Console using ‘Add a property’.
  2. Verify to Google that you’re the owner of that website.
  3. Navigate your google search dashboard to view the data generated by Google about your website.

Google Search Console generates a ton of data on multiple fronts to analyse and improve your website’s performance. However, keeping track of this data can often leave you confused and overwhelmed.

Well, you don’t need to worry! We’re here to help you out with our highly sought-after Google Search Console Reporting Template.

While the search console will analyse and report your website’s organic performance, you can store and view the data on our template. Using the Google Search Console Reporting Template, you can:

  • Track the performance of multiple websites in one place.
  • Monitor the impression count (An impression is generated every time your website URL appears in a search result). 
  • Keep track of the position and clicks of your website (A click is generated every time a user clicks on the link and exits Google Search).
  • View and monitor the CTR or click-through rate (CTR is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions).

Stackby’s template performance is guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations.

Analyse, optimise and improve your website’s performance with the best Google Search Console Reporting Template in the market!

Also, with other integrations like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz and others, you can create hybrid dashboards to track different metrics on Stackby. Grow your presence online organically using the Google Search Console Reporting Template.

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