Introducing: The Stackby Apps Marketplace 🚀

Now make your work organised, easier, and more efficient than ever before with new building blocks in Stackby.

Introducing: The Stackby Apps Marketplace 🚀

Data is more dutiful when it is well-organized. The more you improve your information cluster with proper database management, the more productive you get. Along with that, you also stay organized and optimize your weekly hours well. Consequently, your improved productivity brings you better results, more profits, and even enhanced business.

But, here’s the thing about digital data organization: It is messy when you can’t code and have to hire someone else to do it for you.

At last, to save, sort, and scrutinize data, most people and businesses like you rely on the only resort: Spreadsheet. Some try to do better and hire IT ‘experts’ to build an app to run their data mill. But at the end of the day, they have to live at the mercy of the developer to get things done efficiently and on time. What’s more is that they have to mold all the operations with respect to the app, when in reality, it should be the other way around.

Certainly using spreadsheets is an obvious choice here. But what’s awful is that by the end of all the stress and struggle, when they finally take one step towards a better future, they find out that the competitors have achieved their goals, the race against time has finished and it's all too late.

We want to change this story for you. We want you to stop striving and start thriving. So, we brought your better future to your present with Stackby.

Spoiler: You don’t need to code, hire a coder, or bend backward for some app that is too difficult to figure out.  

Keep reading to see the whole picture...

Stackby is a no-code platform that simplifies registering, organizing, and analyzing without any code or coder.

Since our launch in 2019, people like you across the world have relied on Stackby to get productive, stay organized, and save work hours. They love it so much that they could never get enough of it. They wanted more so we are here with more.

Until now, we were good. Now we’re great

We have now launched Stackby Apps marketplace. It is a flexible tool that would bend over backward for you to create and customize no-code reporting dashboards.

Introducing Stackby Apps Marketplace

Now, analyze, track, visualize and act on your important data easily at the tip of your fingertips.

Let’s give you a better explanation of this new change in the Stackby ecosystem.  

Stackby App Marketplace Makes Your Managing Your Business And Workforce Smoooth

Usually any business, regardless of its size, has a lot of data stored. But stored data is just like stagnant water. It stinks ( contextually putting- it makes no sense). For any data to be meaningful, it needs to be placed, processed, and presented clearly.

Earlier Stackby effectively helped you manage data on your terms and in your favorite views.

This has reduced entrepreneurs' hassle with information, automated 60% of their operations, and saved them at least 50 hours every week.

Now Stackby App Marketplace enhances everything you do more with in-built tool apps like charts, pivot tables, time-tracker, goal tracker, and more.

As a result, now understanding and utilizing your data for the betterment of your business becomes more accessible than ever before.

That’s about companies. Now let’s understand how these updates can help an individual to manage their personal data in their daily life.

Stackby provided a number of templates that help you record your habits, to-do lists, track progress, and more. Maintaining your daily life with chores was easy. But with the Stackby App Marketplace, all of it is about to get easier.

The app marketplace first of all now helps you store and define your data better by using different tools. The tracking app will keep your teams to be in the loop with progress about different projects and activities. Lastly, with different charts and visual representations, you can grasp your overall progress throughout a time period.

There are so many other tasks that you can do easily. But you will only realize it when you explore Stackby App Marketplace.

Scroll down and have a look at the new, awesome things added to Stackby App Marketplace

Stackby Marketplace Apps for storing and sharing the right information with your team

Stackby offers you three seamlessly integrated app that allows you to make your information as detailed as possible. As a result, your team can simply refer to the facts and be on the same page.

  • Row Cards App: Using Row Cards App you can now show the records that matter. This app in Stackby App Marketplace also helps you with an overview based on your favorite view.
Displaying important records as record overview cards

You see, data is power, but the superpower lies in how much you can show, how much can hide and how well you use it. And this App in Stackby is determined to make you super powerful!

  • Embed App: Be it Youtube Videos, Data Studio Reports, or anything at all, with nifty Embed App in Stackby App Marketplace, now you can embed anything from the web.
Embed videos, documents and more

Bring anything, attach anything from anywhere online- Make your data presentation as rich as your like- All with Embed App in Stackby App Marketplace.

  • Description App: Have your Stackby Dashboard tell you the whole story with its rich notes, text, or more descriptions. Do it with the Description App from Stackby App Marketplace.
Add rich notes with in-line formatting

It’s time for your dashboard to explain itself and not the other way around.

Stackby Marketplace Apps for ensuring that you have hit your goal

No goal makes any sense without the defined finished line and the timeframe attached to it. But we really want you to get ambitious, plan it well, and be bold to achieve it. While you are at it, we are here to cheer for you on the best goal-tracker apps in town! See Stackby Marketplace pick the best app to trace your success.

  • Goal Tracker App: Now motivate yourself and your team to chase your goals by creating a custom goal tracker for any column based on a target. Whether it's your sales quota, total deals to close, or total projects to finish in a quarter, tracking your goals on top of your Stackby data is now a breeze.
Set goals from a column against a target

Twist, turn, and get the juice out of the data easily!

  • Time Tracker: You could be managing a small business or running an enterprise, the time tracker in the Stackby Marketplace is perfect to help you keep a tab on the progress of your team’s operation as well as any special project.
Track time on individual records and never miss a deadline

You might be happy to know how easy it is for you. You have to simply select a row, start your time tracker and add it directly to that row to measure minutes, hours, or days spent on that particular task.

Moreover, you can also add your collaborators to each row to see how long someone is spending on that task and getting things done.

Be it your team, be it your projects, nothing and no one goes out of sight!

  • Countdown Tracker: Now matching steps with your deadline became easier than ever before with the Countdown Tracker app in the Stackby App Marketplace. With this app, you can match your tasks to a particular time, and puts you and your team on the clock. To elevate your experience, it also has a large clock in different units in your favorite color.
Set the countdown to the next deadline and let it roll!

Stackby Marketplace Apps to give you visual representations of your data

You no longer have to force your eyes and mind to read and understand that complicated set of data. Because with all the graphical representations using the visual apps in the Stackby Apps Marketplace, dealing with your data is going to be easiest! Moreover, you can create your own reporting dashboards with:

  • Charts App: The Charts App in Stackby App Marketplace has FIVE different chart types that include Bar, Line, Radar, Donut, and Pie. All you have to do is select the X and Y axes for your graphs to color details for you. You can even put your charts in a group to create a stacked bar chart. The possibilities with this app are endless!
Create a stacked bar chart with grouping
Create 5 different chart formats - Bar, Line, Pie, Donut, Radar

Using this app, now you can easily create custom charts for your tables and effortlessly understand your data in any and every matrix.

Now put all your facts and figures into visual formats to take better actions and make stronger decisions.

  • Summary App: With this app in Stackby App Marketplace, you can summarize any column information quickly from the view. It works just like the summary bar on your table. But now you can also visualize your key information in the summary boxes.
Create summary boxes of columns that matter

Get the essence of information and know what actually makes a difference!

  • Pivot Table App:  Level up your reporting with this app in the Stackby Apps Marketplace. All with our most loved feature- pivot tables! By recording your data with multiple-column pivot tables, you can summarize rows, find trends in your data or compare a subset of rows. In other words, you can twist, turn and get all the juice out of your data easily.
Represent data in row and column grouping with pivot tables

We understand that the correct utilization of data is everything. Hence, we decided to bring Everything at Stackby in one place with the Stackby App Marketplace. While you enjoy these applications, know that we are working on more interesting applications like these to make your work easier.

With the purpose of making your data management and operations seamless, we’ve launched the Stackby App Marketplace. Sign up for free or login to your Stackby account to check it out. Do let us know how you like it!