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Non Profit Templates

Keep all your non-profit or charity data organised in an all-in-one work management tool with Stackby’s Nonprofit sheet templates. Whether you’re managing your grants, donations, programs, volunteers or resources, Stackby makes it easy for you to organise your data and manage your workflows seamlessly.

To get started, choose a nonprofit template, collect data via Stackby online forms, upload existing data from CSV, Excel or Google Sheets or enter data manually. You can then share your template with your team members to collaborate in real-time, from any device.

Customising your own non-profit template is easy. You can choose from 25+ column types, ready-to-use formulas and easy filtering, searching and sorting data, you can build a non-profit template according to your specific needs in a few clicks. Streamline all your workflows and reduce the number of apps you use by managing your non-profit’s data with Stackby.

Use a volunteer management template to recruit and manage volunteers easily Templates

Volunteer Management

What is a Volunteer Management Template? A volunteer management template can help you juggle between different tasks of planning volunteer opportunities, promoting them, engaging them, and retaining them for the long term. With Stackby’s volunteer management template, you can streamline the complete process of recruiting and managing volunteer work for your organization. Create value Strategic administration of volunteer work can help you save time. You can easily create reports when you have organized data accurately in a volunteer management template. Online registration Use Stackby forms to register your volunteers online and organize their data on your Stack automatically. Online registration ensures fewer errors as compared to paper-based applications. Easy reports You can use a volunteer management template to check how volunteers are performing and interacting with your organization. This way you can easily optimize your volunteer management process. Read more: Stackby Forms What is Volunteer Management? Volunteer management is a process of creating a system for recruitment, training, engagement, and coordination of volunteers. In other words, it is the process of managing the volunteers in an organization. Creating a proper volunteer management plan can help you speed up the operations, choices, and objectives of managing volunteers. The Three R’s of Volunteer Management A strategic approach to volunteer management involves 3 R’s: recruitment, retention, and responsibility. Recruitment The process of hiring volunteers to do the work of your organization Retention Ensuring that volunteers are satisfied with your organization Responsibility Providing a rewarding, valuable experience to the volunteers How to Start a Volunteer Management Database? A volunteer management database is the most essential tool for every coordinator. The most effective tool is that it can be stored online and can be accessed everywhere. It should store all the contact information of volunteers along with their house details, skills, availability, etc. Creating a volunteer management database on platforms like Stackby makes it easier for you to optimize registration and engagement capabilities. Moreover, it eliminates the need for manual data entry and errors. Stackby provides an automated volunteer management template that helps you store everything about volunteer programs, campaigns, volunteers, volunteer sites, and coordinators. Your whole team can collaborate on this tool in real-time, making it easier to work together even from remote locations. Who can Use Stackby’s Volunteer Management Template? Stackby’s volunteer management template can be used by non-profit organizations, volunteer program managers, recruitment teams, and administrative staff. How is Stackby’s Volunteer Management Template Helpful for You? Stackby’s volunteer management template helps you streamline your workflows so that your team can work together without any inconsistencies. It will increase your team’s productivity and make it easier for your team to generate effective reports. With this template, you can do the following Record the list of volunteers and their status (Active, Inactive). Store the basic details of the volunteers like email, photos, date joined, phone number, and total campaigns involved Keep track of volunteer programs and campaigns such as campaign type, number of active volunteers, total volunteers, and campaign collaborators. Add campaign attachments necessary for the team. Record the details of the volunteer programs started by your organization and their corresponding volunteering events. Track all your volunteer sites in one place, their name, campaigns, owner, contact number, coordinator, and volunteering events. Keep a record of all the program coordinators, their names, contact numbers, and emails. Keep a track of all the volunteering events, their start date, volunteering programs, campaigns, and volunteers. Other management templates to manage your workflows: Coworking Management System Template Project Management Visitor Management System Template
Donation List Template By Stackby Templates

Donation List

While donating to those less fortunate is one of the kindest gestures globally, managing, recording, and tracking the donations can be quite a hassle. That’s where Stackby’s Donation List Template can make things easier. Maintaining meticulous records of items donated every month requires hard work. In addition to this, you must record details and information about the donor for future reference. Are you tired of maintaining multiple databases for recording all the information related to donations? Looking for a template that will help you consolidate all the data and streamline the donation process? Stackby has developed an easy-to-use Donation List Template for recording all the donation-related data. This user-friendly template will allow you to store all your donations data in one place . You can also store donor information on the same platform. You will no longer have to refer to different spreadsheets to get access to donor information. Here’s how you can use our Donations List Template to simplify your work. This template will allow you to: Store detailed records of all your donors on a single interface. Record the names of the donors who have contributed in one way or the other. Store the contact information of the donors to facilitate seamless communication and avoid any misunderstanding. You can record the phone number and email address of the donor in this template. Add the current address of the donor. You can also record the current city and state of residence of the donor separately, along with this. Store the zip code of the donor along with the address. You can maintain the above information for as many donors as you want! Apart from the donor information, you can also track the details of the donations made by each of them. Record the type of donation corresponding to each donor. This can be kitchenware, clothing, books, toys, etc. Store detailed information about each donation made. For example, you can list the type of kitchenware donated, that is, pans and glasses. Similarly, jackets and t-shirts under clothing and magazines under books. Filter and sort the information according to your requirements. Record and update the information as and when needed. Stackby's Donation List Template also offers an in-built Donation Form to its users. This donation form can be used by all the donors and help standardize the process of donation. The form asks for all the relevant information.Checkout more related Templates :Project Management Donation Tracker
Covid-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar Template By Stackby Templates

Covid-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar

An organization must have a free flow of communication despite the hierarchy. Now that the pandemic has changed the definition of 'normal' and our homes have turned into offices, it is the responsibility of the management to make sure that all the employees are remote work ready and are taking good care of themselves from Covid. But how do you manage when to communicate? What about covid? Stackby's Covid-19 Internal Communication Editorial Calendar Template is just what you need for this purpose. What is Covid-19 Internal Communication Editorial Calendar Template? It is a format that lets you maintain a calendar recording what information has to be conveyed when and to whom it is to be communicated? The Covid-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar Template lets you keep track of all the important dates when a meeting is to be held, or an editorial is to be released on one single platform.  Why is Covid-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar Important? To make sure that all information is communicated properly and on time. To make sure everybody is on the same page and given proper direction. To check on employees how they are doing under the stress of the pandemic. To help the employees get settled on working from home.  What Does the Stackby Covid-19 Internal Communications Editorial Calendar Template Offer? It offers a platform where all the necessary information regarding internal communication can be stored. You can easily view the schedule for the upcoming meeting and its related information at a single glance. It offers efficiency and timely management of tasks because of the smooth communication in the management. It is simple and flexible to use and can be changed according to our choice. You can share the URL with your team to know what is going on in the organization. You can use and view the template on any device, even on your mobile phone, making it super convenient.  Who will find this template useful? All the organizations such as profit or non-profit, public or private, corporate or academic institutions, etc., can use this template for the effective flow of communication and make the employees or the team members feel at ease during this pandemic and in the 'new normal,' i.e., working from home.
Program Management Template By Stackby Templates

Program Management

Planning a program for the welfare of society is the ultimate motive of a non-profit organization. In order to ensure the success of the program, you would need a program management plan and a communication plan. You would require a broadcast structure of the program in order to manage all the volunteers and extract funds. Keeping track of all those programs is definitely a frenzied task. That’s where our Program Management Template can be of help. Making all these structures from scratch and managing and tracking them separately can be tiring and time-consuming. Especially if you are working in a non-profit organization as your work will increase ten fold. Therefore, every manager requires a program management template to ease down his work. Manage your non-profit programs with this easy to use and completely customizable template by Stackby. What is Program Management? In a non-profit organization, a program is an on-going and organized effort to provide a highly needed service. It is a collection of resources that are used to accomplish a certain set of goals. The board looks after the organization, and the central administration uses the common resources of the organization to make sure the programs are developed and managed effectively. Why do we need a Program Management Template? Program management gives you the following benefits: Achieving the overall goals and mission of the organization Improve management of programs and their impact on the society as a whole The resources are effectively managed within the predetermined budget. Management of risks and changes across programs is done efficiently. With so many programs to manage, tracking them all can be a real headache if done on separate platforms. With a program management planning template, you can track all your programs in real-time along with the to-do-list and, thereby, avoid missing deadlines. How can Stackby’s Program Management Template help you? Stackby’s Program Management Template will let you track your programs and tasks and collaborate with all the team members and perform follow-ups. You can add data such as names of the programs, types and details, its status, fund details, percentage of fund collection, start and end date, volunteers associated and do-to-list. You can add another column for an extra category if you want to. The template is customizable; you can categorize the data the way you want and customize it accordingly. Just copy and adapt to start managing your nonprofit's programs and projects easily. What makes you a good program management Template ? 1. Project Scope & Visibility: Stackby provides a comprehensive overview of project scope, ensuring clarity and transparency. Customizable fields enable the inclusion of detailed project descriptions, objectives, and deliverables. Visualisation tools like Gantt charts enhance visibility, making it easy to track project progress. 2. Identify Key Elements and Dependencies: Robust relational databases in Stackby help identify critical project elements and dependencies. Dependency tracking features enable the team to understand the interconnectivity of tasks and manage dependencies effectively. Easily create dependency maps to visualise the relationships between different tasks and streamline workflows. 3. Time Frame Function: Stackby's timeline and calendar features facilitate efficient time frame management. Set and track project milestones, deadlines, and durations to ensure timely completion. Automated reminders and notifications keep the team informed about upcoming deadlines and tasks. 4. Collaboration Support: Stackby promotes seamless collaboration among team members. Real-time editing and commenting features facilitate instant communication and feedback. Integration with communication tools like Slack and email ensures everyone stays on the same page. 5. Customise Dashboard: Create personalised dashboards in Stackby to showcase key metrics and performance indicators. Custom views allow team members to focus on specific aspects of the program, tailoring the dashboard to their needs. Data visualisation widgets offer insights into project health and progress. Tips to creating Program management plan Define Clear Objectives: Clearly articulate the program's goals and objectives to guide the team effectively. Thoroughly Analyse Risks: Conduct a comprehensive risk analysis to identify potential challenges and develop mitigation strategies. Engage Stakeholders: Involve key stakeholders from the beginning to ensure their perspectives and requirements are considered. Regularly Update the Plan: Program management plans should be dynamic documents, updated regularly to reflect changes and progress. Communication is Key: Establish robust communication channels to foster collaboration and keep everyone informed. How to use a program management plan using Stackby ? Initiate the Program: Begin by creating a new project in Stackby and inputting essential details, such as project name, objectives, and stakeholders. Define Tasks and Dependencies: Utilise Stackby's spreadsheet capabilities to list all tasks, assign responsibilities, and define task dependencies. Set Up Timelines: Use the timeline and calendar features to set project milestones, deadlines, and durations. Collaborate in Real-Time: Encourage team collaboration by leveraging Stackby's real-time editing and commenting features. Monitor Progress with Dashboards: Create customised dashboards to monitor key metrics, project health, and overall progress. Integrate Communication Tools: Integrate communication tools like Slack to ensure seamless communication within the team. Regularly Update and Revise: Keep the program management plan up-to-date by regularly revisiting and revising it based on project developments. By combining Stackby's powerful features with these best practices, program managers can streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure the successful execution of complex programs.   Checkout More Related Templates :
Donation Tracker Template by Stackby Templates

Donation Tracker

Donating for a good cause or to a charity is one of the most basic things that every person must do – Giving back if you have more! Be it cash or kindness, donating for a cause is always appreciable. But do you feel that keeping track of all your donations and their status is getting difficult? Are you not able to manage any of your donations for charity and charitable institutions? For this, you need to have a Donation Tracker Template by Stackby, which will help you organize, manage, and keep track of all your donations in a single place. No matter how many charities you donate to, track them all and manage them with this simple and free donation management template. Why Should You Donate? Donating is a very effective and useful way to experience happiness. When you donate to a charity, you feel that you have helped someone in need, making you happy. When you donate and go to charitable events, you meet new people who inspire you, and you come out of your day-to-day life problems, whether personal or financial, and add meaning to your life. You can also get a tax deduction from the government if you are donating money! There are many charitable trusts for which you can write off donations on your tax returns, like a double bonanza. There are many people in need of help in this world. Your doings will encourage others to join you in making the world a better place for as many people as possible. You can motivate your friends and family members to join you in your charity work and help others. Along with doing all the good work, it is also important that you manage and keep track of your donations. A donation management template will help you with that and keep your transactions in order. How Stackby’s Donation Tracker Template can help you? With this donation tracker template, you can: Keep track of all the types of donations you have given so far, be it in Cash or Kind. Add invoices for your donation in a separate column as an attachment for future purposes in the template stack. Keep track of the payment modes for every donation so that it’s easier for you to manage your financial transactions. Keep track of the day/year, and the amount is given for donation for each charitable institution. Keep a list and easily track all the charities and institutions that you have been donating to. You can link your charitable organization and donation easily to get correlated information when searched. With this simple donation tracker template, you can keep up with the charities you have given, and with invoices as proof, it is also beneficial for you in your career. With this donation management template, you can keep track of your finances and plan your expenses accordingly.
Manage non-profit fundraising with a grant tracker template. Templates

Grant Tracker

Managing and keeping tracks of grant requests, proposals and funds raised via grants is a fundamental part of any non-profit organization . They form the majority of the finances used by a non-profit organization, and they often require multiple rounds of requests and fundraising to acquire the desired amount. Why use a grant tracker template? The problem lies in managing not just the funds, but the myriad efforts that go into raising them, and measuring their results. Grants have to be meticulously recorded to prevent fraud, misappropriation, or calculation mistakes. A tool that could record information, keep track of grants, important dates and amounts, and present the data as visual reports is key to well-managed finances in a non-profit organization. That is exactly why you need Stackby’s Grant Tracker. With this template you can: Easily track grant proposals, requests, organizations as well as fund amount Track activity due dates and deadlines in a jiffy Manage each parameter on different tables, but bring them on all onto a single table with our link and look up feature Visualise data the way you want and customize based on your individual requirements. Keep track of status of all applications and activities associated with it Get organized in your team for better collaboration and getting things done. The Grant Tracker Template is easy to use and adopt as well making it the go-to tool for managing grants for your non-profits. Who can use grant tracker template? This template is for anyone involved in the non-profit world from administrators to managers in small non-profits or even in large organizations. While, all individuals involved in a non-profit are passionate about the cause, but not too passionate about going through the grant application filings. This template will help you save some headache involved in your funding process. 3 tips of using Non-profit Grant Tracker Template Customize template to fit your organization's needs: Everything in this template is entirely customizable - from fields to tables and linkages between them. Just add the template on your workspace and add/update columns relevant to your needs. Filter information, link tables and create views: Create filtered views on your grants data (let's say Pending applications) and then share those views with anyone in your team. You can also link across tables - say grant information to contacts at organizations for better tracking and people management - so when a deadline comes, you know who to call or email. Create grant tracking dashboards for better overview and reporting: Once the tracker is created, add summary bars, charts and pivot tables in the dashboard for better reporting and keeping everyone on the same page. Check Out More Related Non-Profit Templates Volunteer Management Program Management