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Create databases, like spreadsheets

Stackby is easy as a spreadsheet, but you can mould it into a powerful no-code relational database that your teams will love to use. Import excel or google sheet & create your own workflow, in a database.

Give structure to your workflow

With over 25+ unique column data types, 6 data views, granular user access, powerups, reporting dashboards & much more.. you can build your own unique database to power any workflow in your team.

Report like no other

Generate insights, find trends, act on your data - with Stackby's Apps Marketplace. Build custom dashboards with custom charts, pivot table, summary bars & more directly in your database.

Automate your work with ease

Add data from spreadsheets, forms, API connectors and integrate with 3000+ apps to automate manual processes. Save countless hours in your team and extend multiple workflows in a single workspace.

Visualize & organize your data, your way

  • Table
  • Grouping
  • Kanban
  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Forms

Create from scratch or choose from 300+ database templates

Get inspired by powerful and interactive no-code templates for your database

Project Tracker

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Online database creator FAQs

If I'm using a spreadsheet, when should I move to an online database?

If you're using spreadsheets to organize your work, and are struggling to keep your data consistent, structured and connected across your teams - then it's time to move to an online database. Online databases give more structure to your data and help you manage your workflows (multi-step, repeatable processes) across your teams with ease. With rich data types, unique views, automations and reporting - an online database tool like Stackby should help you get started in minutes.

Check out the free webinar on how to move from spreadsheets to databases in few minutes. Learn more about differences between spreadsheets and databases.

How can I create online searchable database?

There are three ways to create online database in Stackby: choose from 300+ database templates and customize it to your own, import from an existing spreadsheet - excel or google sheet or create your database from scratch.

Once the database is created, you can share it with your stakeholders with different permissions eg. your team or your clients. You can even embed this database on any web-page, and this database will be easily searchable or filterable in a read-only format.

Are online databases secure?

Yes, they are! Online databases are hosted on secure cloud (like AWS) and have encryption enabled at source and destination. Also with granular user permissions, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, database snapshots - there are lot of security features that comes with accessing a database. With an online database like Stackby, you have all these features and can keep your data secure to access it from anywhere - web, mobile or desktop.

How much does it cost to create your online database in Stackby?

Basically, it costs nothing to create online database in Stackby. You can sign up on Stackby for free, start a 14-day free trial on our Business plan. Once the trial is over, your workspace will automatically move to the 'Free Forever' plan. So you can basically access the database for free, and work with your team as well only within limits of the free plan.

Checkout Stackby pricing Page for more details on different plan types and our limited time offer on annual plans.

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