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Lightweight CRM Template

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Customer relationship management can be quite complex. This is why many small businesses, entrepreneurs, and business managers look for a lightweight CRM. So, Stackby came up with an easy-to-use, simple, lightweight CRM template that will help you get started in organizing your contacts in minutes. 

  1. Organize in minutes: No more wasting time on manual work and repetitive sales tasks. Automate your CRM process and save time. 
  2. Customize your way: You can alter the lightweight CRM template as per your business needs and customize it for your team. 
  3. Collaborate with your team: With the lightweight CRM, you can sell together as a team. Stackby provides real-time collaboration so that your team can stay on track. 

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Who can use the lightweight CRM template?

Stackby’s lightweight CRM template is for startup founders, entrepreneurs, small business owners, sales managers, marketing and sales teams, and PR firms who want to build and maintain relationships with their customers. 

What are the features of Stackby’s Lightweight CRM template?

  • Track all sales activities
  • Track all lead/ contacts activities
  • Import all leads/contacts from Google Sheets or CSV files 
  • Track your sales pipelines and investor pipelines
  • Manage all your tasks & activities in one place 
  • Get a snapshot for sales performance

Customize our lightweight CRM template for further benefits:

  • Use Stackby forms to add detai ls of every new lead/ contact and manage your data. 
  • Send email or a message automatically to your customers/ leads/ contacts and never miss an opportunity to connect with them.
  • Integrate your CRM tool with any third-party application like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Sheets and collaborate. 
  • Password-protect your important CRM data using Stackby’s view sharing powerup feature.
  • Visualize sales pipeline using Kanban, Calendar, or Grid views. 

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