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Education Templates

If you’re a teacher, who has his/her hands full in running a classroom - let Stackby give you a helping hand with our free online Education Sheets. Irrespective of the grade or subject you teach, these education templates help you organise all your courses, students and registrations data in a secure and accessible workspace. The best part? You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge, you can start using within few minutes.

To get started, select from one of the Education sheet Templates below - from student attendance to grade sheets to course planning - you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Then you can customise these templates by adding more tables, creating new columns from over 25+ column types or changing into a calendar, gallery or a Kanban view. You’ll be able to access your Education Sheet from any device, or even download it back it in CSV or Excel. With all the data management and workflows handled by Stackby, you can focus on matters the most: teaching!

Student Attendance Sheet Template by Stackby Templates

Student Attendance Sheet

Student attendance sheet template helps you manage all the attendances of a student. Teachers and professors can easily and accurately keep tabs of the time a student spends in a class. Why do you need a Student Attendance Template? Student Attendance templates enable teachers and professors to focus on student needs instead of spending time on managing attendance records. Also, since the process would be automated using the template, the chances of error would significantly decrease, making it more accurate than ever. Since education is moving to the online mode nowadays, the student attendance template is more relevant now than ever. Who is student attendance template for? Due to the current pandemic situation, the Student Attendance template has widespread use for all schools, colleges, and universities. How will Stackby’s Student Attendance Template help you? Our Student Attendance template was designed to accommodate the varying needs of schools and universities and comes with a host of customization options. The highlights of the template are as follows: The first column has all the dates where the attendance will be marked. In the next column, you can add notes specific to any particular student.  Add any attachments that a student has sent; for instance, if a student was unable to attend a particular day because he was ill and has submitted a medical certificate, this could be attached in the attachment section so that it would be easier to keep track. The contact number of either the student or their parents could be added in the contacts column if they needed to be contacted; having the number here would save time and effort for the professor. Our template also has a separate you can find information like each student's name, ID picture, contact number, total attendance, and attendance calculated in percentage.   Save time and use it to help your students grow with the Student Attendance Template. You Will Also Find These Templates Useful: Student Tracking, Assignment Tracker, Course Planning and Scheduling
Prepare better with Stackby’s study guides template Templates

Study Guides

Preparing for an exam can be extremely stressful, especially if your study materials are not organized. Stackby is here to reduce your academic stress with the Study Guides Template that you can customize according to your requirements. Why is a study guide essential? A study guide simplifies the studying and memorizing process for students, and organized studying helps them retain the knowledge longer. A survey conducted by Stanford showed that an organized method of studying helped optimize the college student's grades by an average of one-third of their grades earned by unorganized preparation for examinations. How will Stackby’s Study Guides Template prove to be useful? This template comes with a prepared schedule outline that you can edit to fit into your course. You can now take notes and check and recheck your preparation with the test tracker and the provision of study cards. The study cards in this study guides template help you check the progress of your preparation and allow you to make notes, upload diagrams, and add links to your research pages. This makes it easier to look for topics and definitions instead of hunting through paragraphs and paragraphs of random notes. The study guide option in the template allows you to record ideas and effective ways unique to your memorizing capacity. This saves your time and energy, which students often spend mugging the contents. The schedule is completely editable and adjustable according to one’s style of study, subject, and time. Who would find the Study Guides Template useful? Students in any field of academics or level of seniority are likely to find the Stackby study guides template extremely useful. Tutors and teachers mentoring students for their education will also find this template to be useful.
Course Scheduling Template By Stackby Templates

Course Scheduling

Whether you are the head of a department in a university or the principal of a school, scheduling and managing courses can be chaotic! With more and more institutions switching to online classes, the need for proper scheduling has increased. This is why Stackby has launched a state-of-the-art Course Scheduling Template! Why is course scheduling important? Effective course scheduling is important for both faculty and students. A well-managed course schedule will ensure: Higher student satisfaction and retention rates. Effective utilisation of the faculty’s time. Avoid the allotment of back-to-back classes to professors in order to increase their efficiency in class. Ensure that the same professor is not allotted multiple classes in the same time slot. Reduce the stress level of students and faculty alike. Effective utilisation of university or school resources. What should you keep in mind while scheduling courses? The primary set of people affected directly by how you schedule courses are the students and faculty members. Hence, surveying and understanding their needs and constraints is essential before you begin working on a course schedule. Apart from this, the infrastructure, budget, and deadline of courses also affect how you schedule the courses. It is safe to say that an institution cannot function if proper resources and time are not dedicated to creating a course schedule. Stackby is here to your rescue with the Course Scheduling Template! Our Course Scheduling Template makes your job easier. We will help you reduce the time and effort you devote to this activity with our easy-to-use template. Keep track of all your course scheduling information on a single platform. You can centralise scheduling for all your departments and courses with this template. Using the Course Scheduling Template, you can: Keep detailed records of all your faculty members and their position (Professor/ Assistant Professor/ Guest Lecturer). Store the contact details of the faculty to avoid any communication gap. Check the current availability status of each faculty member (Active/ Holiday/ Leave). Track all ongoing courses in your institute. Continuously update which chapter of each course is currently being taught. Assign teaching credits to each course. Assign classes to professors according to their availability. Keep track of the days on which classes of a course are being held. Record the seating capacity and type of each room (Lecture hall/ Small/ Medium/ Large room). Track which classes are being held in each room and at what time. A well-managed course schedule will result in satisfied and content faculty members and students, which in turn ensures better performance of your institute. So, do not waste any more time. Access Stackby’s Course Scheduling Template today and notice the difference yourself!Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides  
Class Resources Template By Stackby Templates

Class Resources

Managing a class is a very hectic task, let alone managing all the resources you need. From books to articles, magazines, or any educational content, it is essential to keep track of all those class resources so that they are not overused or misplaced. This is where our Class Resource Template can be of help. Quality education is the essence of teaching, and it comes from delivering well-prepared lessons. Preparing lesson plans and extra activities to enrich students always needs some backup. This backup is in the form of class resources that teachers use to explain the lessons more easily and understandably. Managing class resources might become tough to handle as they are being used constantly. In this regard, Stackby’s Class Resource Template will come to your rescue. You can keep all the information about the class resources on one side and students on the other side with this worksheet template. The Class Resources Template helps you monitor the status of your resources as well as who is using them. Why Should You Manage the Class Resources? The class resources are a crucial part of the study plan. Apart from what is being taught in the classroom, the students also require extra help when it comes to academia to grab good grades. The resources must be fully managed, and information is being kept about them because: It helps the class teacher or the head know which resources are being utilized, and if there is any need to get some more. To know which student has what class resource with him/her at the moment. To give students a sense of responsibility, they have to keep the resources well maintained in case of books or magazines when they return them. To have all the information regarding the classroom resources at the tips of your fingers. How Will Stackby’s Class Resources Template Help You? Stackby’s Class Resources template comes with two sheets – Resources and students. In the resources worksheet template, you can easily check on all the available class resources present with you at the one and their status. You can also check: Are they with you, or have you been assigned to any student? What type of resource is it – Videos, Articles, Notes, etc.? Has any student contributed to the class resource? Who has this class resource with them presently? Are there any extra details you need to be aware of? Moving on to the student worksheet template, you can easily check which student has access to which resource they have used previously. You can also check if they have contributed to any of the class resources. This stack is also customizable, which lets you add more categories according to your requirements.  This worksheet template is an effective tool to organize and track the resources and knowledge about their whereabouts. This is also beneficial to know about the quantity of the resources needed to be purchased. Stackby’s Class Resources Template is all that you need to make the organizing of the classroom more effective.Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides  
Assignment Tracker Template By Stackby Templates

Assignment Tracker

Assignments are a significant part of school and university life. No one can deny the significance of assignments in school or colleges! If you are attempting or completing an assignment correctly, chances are that you are going to retain a lot more of what you studied. However, the real issue regarding assignments is faced by teachers. The problem arises when the students send their assignments through email. A lot of times emails get lost or mixed up with other emails. This makes assignment tracking a hard process to keep up with. That’s where our Assignment Tracker Template comes in. Although there are a lot of ready-made solutions for this problem, the best way to keep up with tracking multiple assignments is to stay organized and set a system. Using a customized Assignment tracker template is one of the best ways to keep up with the tracking; you can also use assignment planner templates to plan all of your assignments for multiple classes. Importance/Advantages of Assignment Tracking Template There are many obvious and traditional ways through which teachers can keep track of the multiple assignments. Some of them are buying a planner, taking down notes every day on what is assigned to you and the deadline, keeping reminders so that you don’t forget to look at the planner, etc. However, with Stackby’s Assignment Tracking Template, you don’t have to do all this extra work. Here are some of the advantages of having an assignment tacker: It is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. Easily keep track of different assignments given to different classes. Easily access different comments or notes you make while checking different assignments from different students. This helps you in giving proper feedback to your students. Since the template is customizable, you can also add categories according to your requirement. You can even upload obtained marks, highlight the students who are performing well and highlight the ones who need more help. The Assignment Tracker provides a plethora of benefits for both students and teachers alike. Try it out today! Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides  
Training and Placement Management Template By Stackby Templates

Training and Placement Management

Internships and training play an important role in equipping students with a reasonable amount of exposure and experience. Academic institutions need to produce students who are versed in fieldwork before they are given placements. Stackby simplifies this process with the Training and Placement Management Template and eases the paths for both the students and the institution in gaining experience.  Why is Training and Placement Management important? Training usually provides the students with real-world experience, which is important while applying for jobs. Moreover, the placement processes are based not only on the judgment of a student's CGPA but also on their active participation in the work field. This helps the student start his career with a solid base and gives their goals a direction. This is why training and placement processes are a necessary part of preparing for a student's life.  How will Stackby’s Training and Placement Template be useful to you? This template comes with features that easily allow you to record the details and description of your job, including the date of commencement and end, the field of work, mentor, etc. It also allows you to monitor the number of interns working under one to determine that every intern gets an equal opportunity to present their skills at work.  The template tracks the location of the job, the department of function. It also allows you to record the details of the guides, the number of interns under them, and the company concerned.  The weekly report can be traced through this template that allows you to follow the graduating student's progress.  Who will find this template useful? Training and placement cells, academic and vocational training institutes, and recruiting companies will likely find this template extremely useful.Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides  
Alumni Directory Template - Stackby Templates

Alumni Directory

Today, online forms serve as the cornerstone of efficient alumni engagement strategies. That's why countless educational institutions choose free alumni directory templates, offering them the flexibility and customization to align with the unique branding of schools and universities. Whether you aim to gather updated information from alumni or enlist them for your school newsletter, they empower you to collect valuable insights swiftly and easily. Stackby’s Alumni Directory Templates are designed to integrate with your school's or college's brand identity. You can easily track all the information about birth dates, current company, interests, and photos and share it with your alma mater to stay connected with each other. What is the Alumni Directory Template? The Alumni Directory Template offers a comprehensive solution to effectively track, manage, and nurture relationships with former students, showing communication and fostering the essence of community among alumni and their alma mater. Stackby's Alumni Directory Template In this ever-expanding network of educational institutions, maintaining a robust connection with alumni is paramount, and here is an overview of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template. Efficient Data Management At the core of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template lies the ability to organize and manage a vast amount of alumni data efficiently, from basic contact information to professional details such as current company affiliations, job titles, and other. The template provides a structured framework to store and update the crucial data points. Comprehensive Alumni Profiles Each alumni profile within the directory offers a holistic view of an individual graduate beyond the basic contact information profile and compasses a range of pertinent information that includes birthdates, academic backgrounds, career projections, and areas of interest that can be stored and used in the future. By capturing this comprehensive data, the template facilitates personalized engagement strategies that are tailored to alumni preferences and pursuits. Interactive Features Facilitating seamless interaction between alumni and their alma mater, the template incorporates some interactive features that enhance engagement. It can upload photos, share updates on professional achievements, and express interest in studying. It is also a dynamic platform for networking and collaboration with the alumni communities. Key features of the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template Centralized Database Our template provides a centralized repository to store all alumni information securely, so now say goodbye to the scattered data and hello to streamlined accessibility. Detailed Profiles Capture a plethora of information about your alumni, ranging from their current employment details and birth dates to their interests and achievements. With comprehensive profiles, you can make full connections and tailor the interactions effectively. Photo Gallery You can personalize your alumni directory with her dedicated photo gallery. You can also showcase memorable moments from alumni events, such as reunions or significant milestones, fostering a sense of community and nostalgia. You can also create custom IDs for your alumni using the Page Designer App. Customizable Fields You can customize the template to suit your institution's unique requirements. Add some custom fields to specific data points relevant to your alumni network and ensure a tailored approach to engagement. Communication Tools You can easily communicate with the directory from the platform. You can send personalized messages to users or event invitations that encourage continuous engagement and strengthen alumni relations. Search and Filter Options Navigate through your alumni database using advanced search and filter options. Whether you are targeting alumni based on graduation year, industry, or geographical location, finding the right contacts has never been simpler. Data Privacy and Security Rest assured knowing that your alumni data is protected with robust privacy and security measures. Safeguard sensitive information and comply with data protection regulations effortlessly. Integrations Capabilities Integrate the alumni directory with existing systems on all platforms, maximizing efficiency and minimizing data duplication. Whether it's CRM software or social media platforms, you can streamline your workflow with ease. How to use the Stackby’s Alumni Directory Template All you need to do is copy the template to your workspace by clicking on Use Template. You can start customizing the columns with the class names, activities, photos, phone number, date of birth, and interactions. All you need to do is enter the correct details within the specified columns. Later on, you can use the filters to search for or count the total interactions of a person. This conveys a sense of belonging and community among alumni, highlighting the loyalty and support for your institution. You can cultivate relationships with potential donors and supporters by leveraging alumni networks to drive fund-raising initiatives and philanthropic endeavors. Simplify your alumni data management and communication processes, saving time and resources for your institution's administrative staff. With our alumni directory template, you can effectively track and manage your institution's alumni network faster, make meaningful connections and opportunities for engagement. Start building lasting connections today! Check more related templates on Stackby Study Guides Template  Library Organizer Template 
Student Tracking Template By Stackby Templates

Student Tracking

Students continually need to be supervised and guided throughout their student life for their overall development. However, in a big academic institution, it becomes difficult to monitor every student individually. The Student Tracking Template by Stackby brings you the best-prepared documentation of the necessary fields that need to be paid attention to regarding the performance of your students that helps them perform better in their institutions. This helps you solve your student monitoring problem and helps you stay updated on the student's requirements.   Why is a student tracking template essential? A student tracking template is essential because it helps improve the performance of both the pupil and the academic institution. It simplifies the process of monitoring every student through outdated techniques of registering and filing. Instead, it is designed to provide information on the student and their progress all in one place that makes the job easier for the academic institution.  How will Stackby’s Student Tracking Template be useful to you? This template will help to record the student's information, including their name, unique IDs, the status of their improvement, internships, and every other detail, the monitoring of which will improve their performance.  It also helps the school/university keep track of the departmental performance of the students in a manner that allows them to see the overall performance of the department.  The template allows you to record the names and details of the student advisors as well. Monitoring the students through these advisors also enables the institution to pay attention to the students' performance in an individual manner.  The template helps track the credits earned by the student so that it is easily accessible to them and the institution.  The tracking of students according to their field of study is also available through the course tracking option. This allows the institute to see whether the student is a good fit for that particular course or if their skills are compatible with another line of study. This allows the students to polish their strengths and work on their weaknesses.  Tracking students is an easy way of upgrading the entire academia's performance and completing the responsibility of an institution that works on the genuine overall development of their students.  Who will find this template useful? Schools, colleges, universities will mostly be finding the use of this template. Other than that, coaching centres, extra tutorial institutions, and open course academies will find this template very helpful. Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides 
Course Planning & Scheduling Template by Stackby Templates

Course Planning And Scheduling

In this technology era, education has also become a part of the online world. Due to busy schedules and growing competition, most people are opting for online classes. Even in the offline classes, it gets challenging to schedule and manages all the study plans. Here comes Stackby’s Course Planning and Scheduling Template to the rescue. You can plan the schedule and the course material according to the lesson you’d like to prioritize for a particular course. This template lets you organize your daily schedule and make course planning easier. The Importance of Planning for Teaching Like planning for the course schedule, it is essential that the teachers also are prepared for their lessons. Following are the importance of planning for the teachers: Planning your lessons helps you in feeling confident about your goals and what you want the students to achieve from the lesson. There will be no dead minutes where you are thinking about what to do next. School courses keep on changing. Some of the material you might know like the back of your hand, some might be relatively new to you. Planning helps you to be prepared about these changes, and you don’t feel like you are entering unfamiliar territory. There is no end to evaluations when you are a working professional, and when you are evaluated on your performance in class, it is best to be prepared. Planning makes you seem to be organized, professional and thoughtful. A good teaching schedule means the course will be on time, and there will be plenty of time to do some extra activities for the development of students. How will planning and scheduling classes with the template help? If you are running a coaching institute and have different classes going on there in a day, a study plan is required to organize all of them effectively. It is imperative to have a neat schedule for the course plan. The importance of doing so are: It helps you keep the day planned, and you can follow up with every activity that goes on in the day. You can take notes by customizing the template according to your requirements. It becomes easy to keep track of the courses you will be teaching, to whom you will be teaching and what is the part you want to focus on what day. It is quite an easy task to upload the course plan in the template; this will help you to not worry about keeping mental tabs on every class course. Create an account on Stackby and make good use of the Course Planning & Scheduling schedule template to make your day hassle-free and to plan more effectively.Checkout other Related Templates :Study Guides