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Student Tracking Template

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Whether you are in charge of a school, college, or an entire university, your primary and most essential responsibility is towards your students. Ensuring that the students are on the right track will lead to better performance and a brighter future. Stackby’s Student Tracking Template helps you do just that.

The performance of your institution is dependent on the academic development of your students. Hence, it is essential that you continuously track and monitor your student’s progress.

Tracking a student’s progress is beneficial for both the student and the faculty members. It encourages the students to overcome their shortcomings and aim higher. On the other hand, it allows the faculty members to track the overall performance and get an idea of which strategies benefit the students. Effective tracking will help you understand which students are lagging and why and will allow you to fix the problem without wasting any time.

Every institution needs a proper platform to record and update student details as and when required. Every detail about their students, starting from which courses they’ve signed up for, their advisor details, to the number of credits they’ve collected are all essential.

However, with too many students across various departments, tracking their academic journey can prove quite a hassle! Don’t worry! Stackby is here to assist you with your problem! With Stackby’s Student Tracking Template, you can keep track of everything and everyone at the click of a single button!

Using our custom-made Student Tracking Template, you can monitor your student’s progress and record all the information relevant to student data tracking on a single interface. Stackby’s Student Tracking template will allow you to:

  • Record details of every student, advisor, and course.
  • Continuously update the records on the student data tracking sheet.
  • Assign Student ID and store the department they belong to, and the semester they’re currently in.
  • Assign an advisor to every student.
  • Keep track of the courses that each student has signed up for.
  • Monitor and regularly update the number of credits that each student has earned to date.
  • Store contact information of each advisor and keep detailed records of which students have been assigned to a particular advisor.
  • Track the status of students under each advisor (On track/ Fallen behind).
  • Keep track of the courses being currently offered by each department of your institution.
  • Record the names of all students in a particular course and assign an advisor to each course.

Now you can store, monitor, and update all that information in one place with the Student Tracking! Whether you’re running a school, college, or an entire university, Stackby’s Student Tracking Template is the answer to all your struggles regarding effective student tracking!