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Create custom workflows for your HR teams with flexible recruitment database software, as easy as a spreadsheet.

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Stackby is easy as a spreadsheet, but you can mould it into a powerful recruitment database software that your teams will love to use. Import excel or google sheet or create your own template, in a few minutes.

Create your own applicant tracker system

With over 25+ unique column data types, 6 data views, powerups, apps marketplace & ever increasing capabilities, you can build a custom applicant tracker to move work forward faster regardless of whether you're a HR agency or an internal HR team.

Organize entire recruiting process

Import your recruitment data from spreadsheets, customize a template or create one from scratch - you can create your own software and organize your data, completely no coding.

Extend your recruiting workflows

Build your custom recruiting dashboards as per your use-case. Use drag and drop builder, configure your data from tables and see the data update in real-time.

Visualize & organize your data, your way

  • Table
  • Grouping
  • Kanban
  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Forms

Get started with no-code recruiting database templates

Over 15+ HR & Recruitment templates to choose from and start recruiting faster and easier

Simple Applicant Tracker

Job Requisition Form Template

Recruitment Pipeline
Recruitment Template

Employee Onboarding

Recruitment Database Software FAQs

Can recruiting and HR agencies use Stackby?

Yes! Today, we have both recruiting and staffing agencies as well as internal HR teams using Stackby to manage their complete recruitment process. Agencies can use Stackby to manage all their applicants database, link it to their clients and manage the entire pipeline to staff faster. Internal HR teams use Stackby to manage their applicant tracking, employee directory, employee onboarding, leave requests and more.

How much it will cost for managing recruitment database in Stackby?

Basically, it cost nothing to handle the recruitment process using Stackby's recruitment templates. The free forever plan of Stackby allows unlimited number of users and guests to work together on the stack (database). Only once you setup the workflow and hit the row limits, you can move to one of the paid plans on your workspace.

Is Stackby a no-code platform?

Yes, Stackby is a no-code platform that gives end users power of databases with a spreadsheet style user interface and connects natively or via third party to thousands of services to let end users automate their workflows. Stackby users build their custom no-code applications powered by their own data and build custom workflows within their teams to keep moving their work forward. Stackby has over 300+ pre-built no-code templates for any use-case or industry.

Can Stackby replace spreadsheets for recruiting?

Yes! Just import your spreadsheets - excel or google sheets into Stackby, convert your text columns into different column types in Stackby - like dropdown, checkboxes, ratings etc. Add attachment fields to collect files or resumes to your forms and collect responses right into your table. We've seen 1000s of HR teams move away from spreadsheets to Stackby within minutes and have never looked back since.

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