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Startups can apply to get $500 in credits to apply for any of the premium plans & try Stackby for free.

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About The Program

Stackby for Startups is designed to help startups become more effective in their work operations & fast track their team's collaboration & growth. Apply now to take your workflows to the next level.

Program Benefits

  • $500 Stackby credits to apply for the Business plan.
  • Business plan workspace
  • Free Onboarding Resources

Eligibility requirement

Become a Stackby for Startups Funding Partner

If you're an accelerator, incubator, venture capital firm or alike providing direct funding

to your portfolio companies, apply to become an approved funding partner of Stackby for Startups.


Who is eligible?

Any startup is eligible to apply for the discount, with each application being verified by our team. If you're a startup working with one of our partners, you're immediately verified and use your partner's code to get the credit.

What is $500 Stackby credit worth?

You can redeem $500 for any of our premium Economy or Business plans. For Economy plan, $500 credit represents one year of credits for 15 people and for Business plan it represents one year of credits for 6 people.

Can I redeem more than 1 partner code?

No, one partner code can be used per company.

I want this discount to be available for my portfolio companies. How can I become a partner?

We would love to hear from you! Apply to be a partner and we'll get back to you with more information. We're interested in finding partners globally - tech hubs or non-tech. So don't hesitate to reach out.

Can I list this offer on my deal's website?

Yes! We have curated partners who have listed on their deal sites. If you're running a growing deal site and would like to offer Stackby for Startups to your community, we'd love to talk! Fill this form & please reach out to us on partners@stackby.com and/or support@stackby.com.

Still have more questions? Reach out to us on support chat or support@stackby.com.

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