Use powerups to make your lives easier.

Export your complete stack back in an excel sheet .

Import a CSV file into an existing table and map the columns to take the form of your table.

Connect your Google Sheet Account and import your sheets data directly into your stacks.

Import an excel file to create a new stack or import it to a table.

Share individual views with anyone in your team - only share filtered rows, or even hide columns

Recover deleted items (Tables, Views, Rows and Columns) from last 7 days.

Import data and manage duplicate rows in the same table.

Set automated schedules (daily, 3 days, weekly, biweekly, monthly) on your API column type and keep yourself up to date at all times. Note: Please check total limits based on your plan

Sync your stacks directly with your Google Drive Account and open/create stacks from Google Drive.

Clip information from any webpage, through a custom google chrome extension. Download it from here.

Add colors on rows based on pre-defined conditions

Take a manual, point-in-time snapshot of your database and recover it at a later time. Note: Duration for snapshot history is based on the plans.

Prevent team members from altering a view’s configuration in the stack.