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Move beyond your spreadsheets with true Airtable alternative

Stackby's no-code spreadsheet style database empowers your teams to build, manage and collaborate on any type of workflow, project or database - all in a single place. Switch to Stackby - the fastest growing Airtable Alternative without blinking an eye.

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Import data in minutes

It's as easy as a spreadsheet, but you can mould it into a powerful database that your teams will love to use. Import data directly from Excel, Google Sheets or even Airtable, and get started in minutes.

Create your perfect no-code database

With over 25+ unique column data types, build your perfect relational database. Evolve it into a powerful custom solution for your teams or business with ever increasing capabilities. You're the pilot of this ship!

Build custom reporting with no-code interface

Use Stackby's out the box apps to create your custom reporting dashboard. Analyze and bring real-time insights with custom charts, pivot table, summary bars and more.

Visualize & organize your data, your way

  • Table
  • Grouping
  • Kanban
  • Calendar
  • Gallery
  • Forms

What makes Stackby the best Airtable alternative?

Here's a quick view of the features Stackby offers making it the ideal alternative to Airtable.




Spreadsheet Interface

Unique Column types 


Relationships - Link, Lookup, Aggregation

Refresh cells to bring data from API

In-built API Automation

Push Message - Column type

Views - Kanban, Calendar, Gallery

In-built custom forms

Updatable Forms

Checklists (Each Row)

Reminders (Each Row)

Embed database on any webpage

Desktop Apps

25+ Stackby Powerups

Apps Marketplace (Reporting & Dashboards)

Plan, Manage & Report- all from a single place

Airtable Alternative that puts automation at the forefront

  • Connect columns to services
  • Configure data from explorer
  • Bring data automatically
  • Refresh in real-time
  • Schedule and relax!
Connect columns to services
Configure data from explorer
Bring data automatically
Refresh in real-time
Schedule and relax!

Save big with Stackby vs Airtable

Stackby is 4x more cost effective than Airtable, for teams of any size.


Fixed Renewal Price Forever
5x more value against the best plan
Access to all new features
Personalized Customer Support
14-days money back guarantee (credits)

Trello: $1,200/year for 10 people

Airtable: $2,400/year for 10 people

Monday: $1,200/year for 10 people

Smartsheet: $1,200/year for 10 people

Clickup: $1,080/year for 10 people

Trim costs & get more with Stackby

Stackby brings the power of all these features in a single interface, without breaking the bank.

Start building your databases & workflows in Stackby today

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