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Best HR teams use Stackby to build, manage and grow effective teams

Track applicants, manage recruitment process, onboard new employees, consolidate all HR assets and streamline everything in your team as you grow.

Trusted by over 10000 companies of all shapes and sizes

Build your custom applicant tracking system

Create a custom applicant tracking form, embed or share, bring responses in directly in your tables and manage your recruitment pipeline as you grow your teams.

Streamline new employee onboarding

Create onboarding checklists, standardise the onboarding process and onboard your new employees effortlessly.

Build a single source of truth for all your HR assets

Organize all your HR assets, policies, documents and resources in one place, so your team can access them when they need it.

Get an overview of where everything stands

Get a birds eye view of your company, people, and processes and where it stands as you scale and grow.

Create a single source of truth for all your HR workflows

Quick start from pre-built HR templates, and customize them exactly to fit your organizations' needs.

Bring data from anywhere and automate your work

Integrate with existing tools, connect to no-code API connectors and automate your workflows.

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5 effective ways to manage your Company’s HR processes


Learn how to build your Custom Applicant Tracker for your business in less than 5 minutes


Watch on-demand tutorials to see how Stackby works HR workflows.


What type of HR processes is Stackby best for?

Stackby is great for building custom applicant trackers to manage your recruitment pipeline, tracking your hiring and onboarding checklists, consolidating all your HR assets in a single place.

Can small teams use the HR solutions provided?

Yes, we have teams of 3 use Stackby to manage and grow their HR processes. The idea is to have processes set early, so you can scale with it as you grow your team. If you're a startup or a small company, go ahead and setup the HR workflows. It will take less than 15 minutes.

Can HR, Recruitment and Staffing agencies use the solutions for their workflows?

Yes! We've hundreds of recruitment agencies use Stackby to track their recruitment pipeline and CRM. You can build your complete applicant & recruitment database in Stackby, facilitate connections with your clients, collect client requests via forms, collaborate with your internal teams to manage pipeline and handle your agency operations at scale.

I have additional questions, can you help?

Our team is always ready to help! Just reach out to us on support chat, check out our help center or learn with your video tutorials on YouTube. If you’re interested in learning how Stackby works for larger teams, please contact our Sales team. If you’re an existing Stackby customer, we’re just an email or chat away. 

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