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Applicant Tracker Template

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Recruitment and selection can be a tiring process, especially if the companies don’t have a proper tracking system. While many companies use a tracking system during the recruitment process, some companies still maintain spreadsheets and databases to keep their records. This can get complex over some time, mainly when several candidates are coming for the interview. An upgrade is, therefore, required and that’s where our Applicant Tracker Template comes in.

Stackby’s applicant tracking template provides you with the help you need by creating the essential database for managing your data. You have to enter all the information of the candidates about how they performed in their respective interviews.

The open profile table will connect all the openings you have in your organization to the applicants who gave their interviews according to their profile. There is also an interviewer table that keeps track of the respective HR member who took the interview and the current status of the same.

Why is an applicant tracker important?

In today’s fast-moving market, companies use an applicant tracking system to identify, evaluate and hire the best employees for themselves. Those who still hold back have some or other way failed to achieve their desired results. 

An effective recruitment process is said to be when the company can engage with the top talent and hire the best. Digitizing and managing the information of all the candidates in a specific platform in the initial stages of the screening is one of the many things that an applicant tracker system does in no time.

Here are some of the advantages of keeping applicant tracker template-:

1. Reduces time to hire-: The job application tracker spreadsheet will increase the speed of your selection process as it reduces the time you would have to spend on the administrative tasks. Manually managing the listing and bookkeeping takes an ample amount of time.

2. Improves hiring quality-: The quality of hiring becomes better using the applicant tracker template. For instance, the automated matching of the specific skills and requirements would only allow the best candidates to compete.

3. Speed up recruitment cycle-: Having all the information and credentials in front the recruiter will make his work easier ten fold. Since the information is properly organized in one space, excel spreadsheet templates for tracking makes the recruitment process faster.

4. Provides better screening-: It can become a tiring task for the recruiter if he or she does everything manually. It can be quite overwhelming. This can be solved easily as the job application tracker spreadsheet does the automated screening of applications by using various algorithms.

Now you will not feel burdened, and the work will not be hectic with Stackby’s applicant tracking system. Copy this stack and enjoy recruiting.