Stackby | Planning and automation platform!

Power of spreadsheets, databases and automations in a no-code platform

Organize, build and manage your all your team's workflows in a one flexible collaboration platform.

Fastest way to organize any data

It's more than a spreadsheet, it's a relational database on your fingertips.


It's not the ordinary spreadsheet tables, it's much more.


Convert to Kanban and drag and drop cards to get things moving.


Visualize data in a calendar, with start-end dates on each row.


Create mood boards, directories and much more, with the powerful Gallery view.


Create custom forms to collect responses from anywhere and even embed it in your webpage.

Updatable Forms

Not only create forms, but also make it internally updatable. Best for teams that are on field.

Create, the way you want

All the unique column types to create your own database, your way.


Select date and time (optional) through a powerful date-picker on cells.


The good old text field to give identity to your rows.

Long Text

Expand the text into a long text, that supports rich text formatting.


Add your files, images, documents etc. in cells or bring it via your favourite cloud storage provider.

Single Options

Add single tag to your cells to determine categories, statuses and much more, via a dropdown.

Multiple Options

Add multiple tags on each cell and take it up a notch.


Get things done, and notch it up with that satisfying checkbox.


Yes, customize your icons and rate anything.


Track your row checklist's progress right in your cells.


Format your number in decimal, currency or percentage.


Add any URLs and make it clickable to open in a new tab.


Add anyone's email, and click it to send them an email.


Add anyone's phone numbers, validated by individual country codes.


Scan any barcode via our iOS or Android App, and assign the barcode automatically to any row.


Add single and multiple collaborators, and notify them of any task or a project.


Use one of the 100+ formula operators and functions, it's as simple as a spreadsheet.

Created, Updated By

Track automatically who created or last updated a particular row.

Auto Number

Auto assign IDs to each row via this super easy auto-number field.

Link across tables

Make your tables relational, with this powerful link column type. Create one-to-one, one- to-many and many-to-many relationships.

Lookup, Count

Lookup columns from any table in other table or even auto count the linked rows on that table. You can also add conditional filters.


Summarize the linked rows from any linked table, and make it truly relational. You can also add conditional filters.


Create a custom button to send SMS or WhatsApp message via Twilio right from your cells or even add custom URL formulas to say trigger a webhook.

Connect to API

Connect columns to one of the 50+ API connectors and bring rich data from services you love and use.


Add duration to any row, to track time and progress.

Automated, like never before

No more manually updating your spreadsheets. Connect to popular services (marketing, sales etc.) and automate your columns in real-time.

Connect columns to API

No more manually updating your sheets, just connect columns to popular services and bring rich data in your tables.

In-built Data Explorer

Select which data you'd like to see in your columns, via an in-built JSON data explorer for the different APIs.

Bring data directly in tables

Configure your columns from the data explorer and populate all your cells, automatically.

Refresh cells to bring data

It's magic! Hit refresh on each cell or cells to bring the updated data in your rows.

50+ Popular API Connectors

More than 100 pre-built API functions from the best Marketing, Sales and Product APIs you'd ever find..

Time Triggered Automations

Setup time triggered schedule, to automate your API columns and sit back & relax, while you get the updated data periodically.

Slice, Dice & Share

No more writing long queries. Filter, Sort, Search, Color - all in a snap.

Advanced Filter

Filter rows and set different views with different filters. Slice your data, your way.


Sort the data according to the different columns and configure your way, all in real-time.


Add conditional color formatting on your tables & views and make it visual.

Synced Views

Create different synced views and share it with different team members according to your workflow.

Row Height

Fit your data in different row heights, not limited to just one width.

Hide Columns

So down there, some ten feet below the level of the deck, the poor harpooneer flounders about.

Collaborate with your team & hit your goals

Work with your team & stakeholders in real-time, from anywhere you want.

Real-time Collaboration

Work in tandem with your team, all in a single table at the same time..

Commenting on Records

Comment on individual rows, and take your collaboration to the next level.

@Mentions on Chat

Even mention your team members while you're chatting.

Checklists on rows

Create sub-tasks and checklist on individual row, and stay on top of your todo list.


Set individual reminders on each row, and get it In-App or on Slack or Microsoft teams channels.


Never miss your notifications, whether you're added on a row, on a reminder or even mentioned on a record.

Advanced Permissions

Setup different access permissions on Workspaces, Stacks or even on an individual view within a table. It's as deep as it can get.

Revision History

Records all the activity history on each row, so you're always on the loop of any changes.

Share & Embed Stacks & Views

Don't use it alone! Share and embed your databases or individual views, anywhere - in your blog, webpage or even in another app that you use.

Work from Anywhere

Use it on the Web, Mobile or even on Desktop. Heck, there's even a Chrome Extension!

Report like no other

Build custom no-code dashboards with charts, pivot tables, summary boxes, goal trackers & more.

Build custom reporting with no-code interface

Use Stackby's out the box apps to create your custom reporting dashboard. Analyze and bring real-time insights with custom charts, pivot table, summary bars and more.

Extend your workflows & call it your own

Build your custom reporting systems per your use-case and call it your own. Use drag and drop builder, configure your data from tables and see the data update in real-time.

Start building in Stackby today

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