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Struggling to create a blog editorial template? Don’t worry, we’ve created one for you. Just create a free account on Stackby and click on “Copy Stack” to use it. To share a little bit about our platform, StackBy helps non-technical folks make the most out of spreadsheets. It allows you to build and customize solutions the way they want.

Let’s face it planning and publishing content consistently is crucial for success. This is true for creating for any type of editorials, especially blogs and news stories.

Whether you are a freelancer or run a team of content writers at an agency or a startup, managing multiple editorials does require a lot of time and resources. It just requires the right plan. While it might be easy to miss out on, it’s extremely crucial for the success of your content strategy. This is the reason we’ve created a Blog Editorial Calendar template.

Since a lot of our users are content marketers, blog writers, and agency owners it only made sense to add it to our list of templates. You can use our template to -

- Plan, brainstorm, and manage the complete blog writing process from the ideation to optimization on a single platform.

- Easily collaborate on blog topics, graphics, ideas with your team members. This is important to inform them about every step in the journey.

- Organize your strategy to ensure you’re meeting blog deadlines and producing the best quality work.

- A buyer persona is very critical to ensure your content targets a very specific set of audience. Link your target customer personas in your sheet to ensure everyone follows it and creates high-quality actionable content that drives both traffic and revenue.

This template will give a visual workflow of your content pipeline and results. With everything tracked and managed at once place, you’ll save time and get things faster. Go copy the blog content calendar template stack now.