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Project Tracker Template

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Project Tracker Template
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Looking for a surefire method to ensure that your projects are completed and delivered to your clients on time? Do you want all your teams to communicate and collaborate seamlessly? Or do you want to improve project scheduling and enhance task management?

The answer to all your questions lies in project management and our project tracker template is the perfect tool to help you through it.

What is project management?

The process of planning, organizing, and managing multiple tasks to finish a project successfully and within the given deadline is called project management.

Every project needs a structure and plan. The length and complexity of this plan will depend on the nature of the particular project. Put in simple terms, the stages of such a plan include:

  • Understanding the client’s needs to set project goals and objectives.
  • Breaking down the project into individual tasks, assigning team members, allocating budget, and setting deadlines.
  • Working on the tasks according to the plan that has been formulated.
  • Tracking the work progress regularly and analyzing if it is per the original plan.
  • Finish and deliver the project and secure the client’s approval.
  • Without project management, the entire process would be chaotic and challenging to handle.
  • With multiple projects from different clients, keeping track of the status of each one can be quite a hassle.

That’s why Stackby is here to help you out. With our custom-made Project Tracker Template, you can rest assured that all your projects will be done on time and meet the client’s expectations.

Using Stackby’s Project Tracker Template, you will be able to:

  • Manage all your projects in one place.
  • Add notes to each project to get a more comprehensive understanding.
  • Check the category each project belongs to (Branding/ Digital/ Content/ etc.).
  • Record the clients who have assigned each project.
  • Assign a team leader to each project to enhance accountability.
  • Track the team members responsible for each project.
  • Attach the project files to the project tracker template to provide easy access to all teams.
  • Monitor the start date and the due date for the project to ensure that it is turned in within the deadline given.
  • Record the tasks due to each project.
  • Track the current status of each task (To Do/ Doing/ Done)
  • Monitor the total number of days spent working on each project.
  • Record the details of each client that has collaborated with your company.
  • Store contact details of your clients to avoid any communication gaps.
  • Check if each task has been completed or not, and monitor the due date of the same.
  • Monitor and update your project and task details in the project tracker template as and when required.

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, with our Project Tracker Template, you can track your projects from start to finish with minimum effort and maximize your growth and revenue!

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