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Inventory Templates

An inventory template is used to track and record items available, at work or home. Whether you’re keeping stock of your products, equipments, office supplies or orders, get organised with our free online inventory templates. Keep stock of your current situation in real-time at office or home, and say no to manually recording information.

Whether you’re a manufacturer or purchasing from vendors, you can manage all your purchase orders in any of the inventory templates. If you don’t see an inventory template that fits your needs, just customise one by adding tables and right columns from 25+ column types that fits your workflow - without any coding. By taking your inventory spreadsheets online with our ready to use inventory templates, you can eliminate registers, paperwork and easily manage and view all the products information in a professional spreadsheet-database format.

Office Inventory Tracker By Stackby Templates

Office Inventory

An office inventory template helps maintain an office supplies inventory so that you can check which item needs to be replenished and by when. If you want to keep track of the volume and consumption of office supplies, you need a proactive office inventory management system. Once you know how much supplies you need, you can allocate budgets accordingly. Stackby’s office inventory template streamlines the whole process of managing office supplies by: Minimizing redundancy and errors in inventory details Ensuring clear segmentation of office supplies for every department Providing a centralized office supply inventory for all team members Automating the inventory check process What does Stackby’s office inventory template include? Our office inventory template includes 4 tables: Requests: to keep a track of all the items that need to be stocked Purchase orders: to track the order details of every purchase Supplier: to keep a record of the supplier’s details Sales: to track the amount spent on every purchase With the help of our office inventory management template, you can do the following: Track how many purchase requests are completed Record the barcode, purchase date, sales price, and supplier’s price Track every order detail including the order number, order date, status, quantity, total price, arrived date, etc. Store the invoices of every order in a systematic manner Keep a record of the supplier details such as name, photo, email, purchase orders, etc. Keep a track of sales made on a day along with the number of office supplies bought, their total price, and price per unit Other features of our office inventory template You can customize our office inventory template according to your different business requirements as follows: Group items:  You can further classify the inventory items by grouping them based on their usage, features, or requirements. For example, all the writing supplies such as pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes can be grouped together. Read more: What is view sharing?  Calculate reorder point:  Reorder point is calculated by the formula: Reorder Point = Lead Time Demand + Safety Stock that is, how long you have to wait to receive the shipment plus how much safety stock you have. Reorder time tells you when you have to reorder an item. Stackby allows you to create a column of formula type that you can use to calculate reorder points of different supplies. Read more: How to use the Formula column type? Collaborate with your team:  You can add your team members and your whole team can work together on this office inventory template to ensure that there are no duplicates or errors in the inventory management. Read more: Inviting users to work on your Stack Who can use Stackby’s office inventory template? Our office inventory template can be used by office administrators, operations teams, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and office management staff. Other inventory management templates to consider: Inventory Management Template  Restaurant Inventory Tracking Template Art Inventory Tracker Template  Product Inventory Template  Equipment Inventory Template 
Inventory Management Template By Stackby Templates

Inventory Management

Are you tired of playing a never-ending guessing game with your inventory levels? Step into the realm of precise inventory control with Stackby's Inventory Management Template. It's like having a crystal ball that predicts demand, optimizes stock levels, and keeps your business ahead of the curve. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, our template empowers you to take control of your inventory management processes like never before. What is Inventory Management, and Why is It Essential for Businesses of All Sizes? Inventory management refers to the process of overseeing and controlling the flow of goods in and out of a company. It involves managing stock levels, tracking products, handling supplier orders, and fulfilling customer demands. Adequate inventory management is crucial to ensure smooth operations, minimize stockouts, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. A Brief Overview of Stackby's Inventory Management Template The Inventory Management Template by Stackby is a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline the inventory management process for businesses of all sizes. It provides a comprehensive solution to track and organize products, suppliers, purchase orders, customers, line item orders, and sales orders in one centralized platform. Who is This Inventory Management Template for? This template suits businesses across various industries, including retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution. Whether you are a small business owner or part of a larger organization, our template caters to your specific inventory management needs. Why Do You Need Stackby's Inventory Management Kanban Template? Streamline your inventory management process with Stackby's intuitive and customizable Inventory Management Template. Gain real-time visibility into your inventory levels, suppliers, purchase orders and sales orders to make informed business decisions. Optimize stock levels, reduce stockouts, and minimize excess inventory with effective inventory control. Maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness by implementing inventory management just in time practices. Harness the power of inventory management Kanban methodology to visualize and track inventory flow and improve operational efficiency. Customize the template to align with your unique inventory management needs and integrate it seamlessly into your existing workflows. Table Included in Our Inventory Management Template Products: This table helps you to keep a detailed record of your products, including their names, images, SKUs, and other relevant details. Make this table in your custom product catalog. Suppliers: With its aid, you can manage your suppliers' information, such as contact details, addresses, and key contacts. Purchase Orders: It lets you track orders, including order numbers, dates, quantities, and associated suppliers. Customers: It helps you to maintain a database of your customers, their contact information, and purchase history for effective customer relationship management. Line Item Orders: It allows you to keep a record of individual line items within orders, including product details, quantities, and prices. Sales Orders: This table lets you manage all your sales orders, track order status, and monitor sales performance. As mentioned above, the Link Column Type helps you link any tables you want. For example, you can connect each product to its respective supplier, allowing you to track and manage the supplier information associated with each product. Thus, it helps you to facilitate seamless data organization, reference, and analysis across different tables. Create custom inventory tracking dashboards with charts and pivot tables and analyze your key metrics in real-time. With our Inventory Management Template, you can say goodbye to manual inventory tracking and embrace a more efficient and organized approach. Sign up for Stackby today, explore our template, and experience the power of streamlined inventory management. Ways to Customize Our Inventory Management Template Expand the template by adding tables to track information such as product categories, pricing tiers, or supplier performance metrics. Tailor and enhance your inventory management experience by integrating various apps and power-ups into Stackby's Inventory Management Template. If you’re an e-commerce brand, you can also connect to your Shopify, Woocommerce or other e-commerce stores and automate your order inflow and track real-time inventory. Take Your Inventory Tracking to the Next Level with Stackby's Inventory Management Template! Sign up now and gain complete control over your inventory, enhance operational efficiency, and drive business success!Check out more related Templates : Product Inventory
Equipment Inventory Template By Stackby Templates

Equipment Inventory

An equipment inventory software or template is used to keep track of all the equipment used at either your office or your home. This template can be used to ensure that all the equipment owned by your company is useful and does not need repair or replacement. What is an Equipment Inventory Template? An Equipment Inventory template allows you to keep track of all equipment or machinery used by the company to run its business. This free equipment inventory template can be used to ensure all the available equipment and machinery owned or rented by any company is being used effectively and efficiently.  This template lets you know exactly where certain equipment is present and if it's being used or is sitting idle. This ensures none of the equipment is unaccounted for. Why do you need an Equipment Inventory Template? An Equipment Inventory Template can be used to confirm that the resources, equipment, and machinery of any company are being used effectively and efficiently. It helps to make sure that there is no wastage and duplication of use of any equipment. This Equipment Inventory template keeps a detailed record of where and when the equipment has been used. It makes it easier for the company to track the physical and financial condition of the equipment such as if the equipment is damaged, if they need repairs or replacements, etc. The Equipment inventory template also provides you with complete details about the purchase history and date of purchase. This makes asset management easier and ensures the equipment is getting regular service checks to ensure they operate optimally and do not cost the company more money than it makes. Who is this template for? No matter the size, every company must use this template to organize their equipment and manage them effectively and efficiently systematically. How will Stackby’s Equipment Inventory Template help you? Our free equipment inventory template offers you a complete overview and the ability to manage your equipment in the best possible manner. Along with the name of the equipment and the item number, you are also provided with images to identify them, making it easier for the company to keep track of its resources. Using this template, you would know what type of equipment is being used exactly where within minutes, making the entire process of asset management easier for the company. You are also provided with a column that mentions the equipment's condition, making sure that if the equipment needs a repair or replacement, it is being done on time so that productivity does not diminish.  You also get real-time updates about the whereabouts of your equipment in the “status” column.  Combine all this with the ability to edit and filter the template according to your need freely, and you have one of the best asset management templates at your fingertips to manage the equipment owned by your company. You Will Also Find These Templates Useful: Product Catalog Gallery Asset Management Product InventoryInventory Management
Product Inventory Template By Stackby Templates

Product Inventory

Product inventory is used to record and monitor a company's inventory and manage sales effectively and efficiently. Using product inventory is necessary for any company's smooth functioning, and the best way to achieve that is by using a product inventory template! A product inventory template would make things easier for the company to comprehend and make informed decisions. What is the Product Inventory Template? A Product inventory template is used to record and monitor a company’s inventory of products and manage sales. Product inventory template also makes it easier for companies to realize their best-selling product and the company's least performing product. Using a product inventory template, companies can manage their warehouses in a more organized and efficient manner. Why do you need a Product Inventory Template? Product Inventory Template will help companies to replenish their stocks in time to avoid running out of in demand products. By using a product inventory template, companies can easily manage the rise and fall of demand. They would know exactly how much inventory they have and start acting in advance to prepare themselves. Having a good product inventory system would lead to happy and loyal customers because they know you would fulfil their demands. Having a proper product inventory would lead to cost-cutting and would reduce human error issues. Fewer errors results in less money and time spent fixing the problems. Who is this template for? The inventory manager of a company can use this template to get the entire process automated, have all the information at one glance, and make important and effective inventory management decisions. How will Stackby’s Product Inventory Template help you? With a single glance, you can get an overview of all your products. Our Product Inventory template will make your job easier in the following ways: Our template lets you see a detailed summary of all the inventory your company has, in an easy and accessible way. Our template provides you with all the information required by your company to make informed decisions. Information like product name, product photo, type of product, can be easily entered to keep track. You can enter their product ID, stock left with the company, their unit price, total inventory value of every individual product, and supplier name. If required, you can also keep details about the shelf where the product is stored under stock or not indicator and a notes section, for additional comments. This template lets you individually track the inventory of individual products. You also get the option to view the inventory in a gallery view option on our template for easy analysis. You also get the options to filter through all your products and look at specific products and our template; the option to sort it using different options is also available. You can also hide certain columns for a better inspection of certain aspects of your product's inventory. You Will Also Find These Templates Useful: Product Roadmap Product Launch Agile Product Planning Template  Product Operations 
Art Inventory Tracker By Stackby Templates

Art Inventory Tracker

Are you struggling to keep track of your art inventory, manage orders, and stay organized with your artists and dealers? Do you spend more time searching for information and managing spreadsheets than focusing on your art business? Introducing Stackby's Art Inventory Tracker Template - your ultimate solution to efficiently manage your art inventory, streamline order tracking, and maintain a centralized database of artists and dealers.Let's dig in: What is Art Inventory? Art inventory refers to the collection of artworks an individual or organization possesses. It includes detailed information about each piece, including the artist, title, medium, dimensions, acquisition date, and current location. Importance of Tracking Art Inventory Tracking art inventory is crucial for artists, galleries, collectors, and art businesses. It helps maintain an accurate record of all art pieces, enables efficient inventory management, simplifies tracking sales and loans, and provides valuable insights for decision-making and valuation. A Brief Overview of Stackby's Art Inventory Tracker Template Stackby's Art Inventory Tracker Template is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify and streamline your art inventory management process. It provides a user-friendly interface and pre-built tables to help you effectively organize and track your art collection, artists, and dealers. Who is This Art Inventory Tracker Template for? This art template caters to a wide range of users in the art industry, including artists, gallery owners, collectors, art businesses, and curators. Whether you have a small art collection or manage a large gallery, you can customize this template to meet your unique requirements. Why Do You Need Stackby's Art Inventory Tracker Template? Centralize and organize your art inventory in one place. Easily track and manage your art collection, artists, and dealers. Streamline inventory management and keep accurate records. Access artwork details and information quickly and efficiently. Upload images for visual identification of artworks. Generate reports and gain insights for informed decision-making. Save time and effort with automated processes. Label your art inventory template to accommodate your growing collection. Ways to Customize Our Art Inventory Tracker Template Adapt the template to your needs by adding custom fields such as additional artwork details, categories, or personalized tags. Connect tables to create relationships between art pieces, artists, dealers, and more. Easily navigate and access information across different tables. Create filters and views (like Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Form, etc.) to organize and sort artwork based on different criteria. For example, you can create a view to display artwork by a specific artist or filter by artwork categories like paintings, sculptures, or photography. Table Included in Our Art Inventory Tracker Template Art Pieces: This table allows you to capture details of each art piece, including title, artist, creation date, value, and more. Artists: It helps you to maintain a comprehensive record of artists associated with the art pieces. Dealers: With its aid, you can keep a record of dealers and galleries you collaborate with. Other than the Link Column Type, you can even establish relationships between tables and fetch relevant information using lookup columns. Similarly, by leveraging aggregation columns, you can calculate summary information and metrics based on data from different tables. Ready to Take Control of Your Art Inventory? It's time to get started with Stackby and experience a seamless art inventory management experience!So, what are you waiting for?Try it out for free today!Check out more related Templates : Product Inventory Inventory Management  
Track vendor data using a vendor management template. Templates

Vendor Management

A vendor management template helps businesses track and manage all their information related to vendors in one place. You can track contracts, payments, vendor requests, etc. with your team and make sure that there are no hiccups in the purchasing process. It is just like a data repository that helps you in initiating and developing relationships with providers of goods and services for your business. Why do businesses need vendor management? Manage where your money is going The vendor management template helps you keep track of spending on different vendors on a yearly or monthly basis. This way you can know whether your vendor relationships are bringing you profits or not. Store all records in one place No need to maintain different copies of vendor data with each employee. Now, everyone can access the vendor management template and recognize the new merchants that have joined you recently and improve their dealings. Detailed overview of vendor performance You can include critical factors in this template like time of delivery, complaints, or quality of service to know more about each vendor. Improved decision-making You can create real-time reports for vendor performance and use the data in decision-making for your business. Since all the vendor data is stored in one place, creating reports is a matter of minutes. Overview of Stackby’s Vendor Management Template Store all vendor requests The vendor management template includes a Requests table where you can track whether you have contacted the vendor or not and if contacted what is the current status of the request. It also helps in storing data related to vendors like email, contact person, phone, and estimated spending per year. Manage vendor details The template for vendor management includes a separate table to store the list of vendors. You can add details like their name, website, product or service offering, contacts, agreement, bank details, and so on. Manage vendor needs Does your vendor require any resources from you? It could be product details, forms, agreements, etc. Our vendor management template helps you store information about what a vendor requires to complete the requests. Store all vendor documents in one place Whether you need payment forms, contracts, sales order forms, GST forms, or work order forms, you can maintain a single updated copy of them to be shared with your vendors. The All Documents table in the vendor management template stores these documents as attachments so that anyone in your team can access them. Who will find this template useful? Firms frequently carrying out businesses with third parties as well as start-ups will find this template extremely helpful. It also helps firms that produce goods involving several steps of production of the final product. How to use Stackby’s Vendor Management Template? Customize our vendor management template as per your business requirements and start streamlining your workflows. Create a form for vendor requests you have and let responses fill the Requests table Fill out the remaining information about the status of the request Add vendor details to the Vendors table, upload their agreements and bank details Add information about all the contacts Upload all the documents needed by vendors Make changes to column names and column types based on your business requirements and you can start managing vendor data from a single repository. Use our vendor management template today! Other Operations templates to try: Inventory Management TemplateAsset Tracker TemplateEquipment Inventory Template Product Inventory