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Office Inventory Template

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Office Inventory Template
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An office inventory template helps maintain an office supplies inventory so that you can check which item needs to be replenished and by when. If you want to keep track of the volume and consumption of office supplies, you need a proactive office inventory management system. Once you know how much supplies you need, you can allocate budgets accordingly.

Stackby’s office inventory template streamlines the whole process of managing office supplies by:

  • Minimizing redundancy and errors in inventory details
  • Ensuring clear segmentation of office supplies for every department
  • Providing a centralized office supply inventory for all team members
  • Automating the inventory check process

What does Stackby’s office inventory template include?

Our office inventory template includes 4 tables:

  • Requests: to keep a track of all the items that need to be stocked
  • Purchase orders: to track the order details of every purchase
  • Supplier: to keep a record of the supplier’s details
  • Sales: to track the amount spent on every purchase

With the help of our office inventory management template, you can do the following:

  • Track how many purchase requests are completed
  • Record the barcode, purchase date, sales price, and supplier’s price
  • Track every order detail including the order number, order date, status, quantity, total price, arrived date, etc.
  • Store the invoices of every order in a systematic manner
  • Keep a record of the supplier details such as name, photo, email, purchase orders, etc.
  • Keep a track of sales made on a day along with the number of office supplies bought, their total price, and price per unit

Other features of our office inventory template

You can customize our office inventory template according to your different business requirements as follows:

Group items: 

You can further classify the inventory items by grouping them based on their usage, features, or requirements. For example, all the writing supplies such as pens, pencils, notepads, sticky notes can be grouped together.

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Calculate reorder point: 

Reorder point is calculated by the formula: Reorder Point = Lead Time Demand + Safety Stock that is, how long you have to wait to receive the shipment plus how much safety stock you have. Reorder time tells you when you have to reorder an item. Stackby allows you to create a column of formula type that you can use to calculate reorder points of different supplies.

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Collaborate with your team: 

You can add your team members and your whole team can work together on this office inventory template to ensure that there are no duplicates or errors in the inventory management.

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Who can use Stackby’s office inventory template?

Our office inventory template can be used by office administrators, operations teams, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and office management staff.

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