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Product Inventory Template

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Product Inventory Template
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Product inventory is used to record and monitor a company's inventory and manage sales effectively and efficiently. Using product inventory is necessary for any company's smooth functioning, and the best way to achieve that is by using a product inventory template! A product inventory template would make things easier for the company to comprehend and make informed decisions.

What is the Product Inventory Template?

A Product inventory template is used to record and monitor a company’s inventory of products and manage sales. Product inventory template also makes it easier for companies to realize their best-selling product and the company's least performing product. Using a product inventory template, companies can manage their warehouses in a more organized and efficient manner.

Why do you need a Product Inventory Template?

Product Inventory Template will help companies to replenish their stocks in time to avoid running out of in demand products.

By using a product inventory template, companies can easily manage the rise and fall of demand. They would know exactly how much inventory they have and start acting in advance to prepare themselves.

Having a good product inventory system would lead to happy and loyal customers because they know you would fulfil their demands.

Having a proper product inventory would lead to cost-cutting and would reduce human error issues. Fewer errors results in less money and time spent fixing the problems.

Who is this template for?

The inventory manager of a company can use this template to get the entire process automated, have all the information at one glance, and make important and effective inventory management decisions.

How will Stackby’s Product Inventory Template help you?

With a single glance, you can get an overview of all your products. Our Product Inventory template will make your job easier in the following ways:

  • Our template lets you see a detailed summary of all the inventory your company has, in an easy and accessible way.
  • Our template provides you with all the information required by your company to make informed decisions. Information like product name, product photo, type of product, can be easily entered to keep track.
  • You can enter their product ID, stock left with the company, their unit price, total inventory value of every individual product, and supplier name.
  • If required, you can also keep details about the shelf where the product is stored under stock or not indicator and a notes section, for additional comments.
  • This template lets you individually track the inventory of individual products.
  • You also get the option to view the inventory in a gallery view option on our template for easy analysis.
  • You also get the options to filter through all your products and look at specific products and our template; the option to sort it using different options is also available. You can also hide certain columns for a better inspection of certain aspects of your product's inventory.

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