Build custom pages directly from your records

Create your custom pages - invoices, certificates, cards, catalogs and more with page designer app.

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Automate & scale your asset creation

Build custom invoices, certificates, thumbnails, cards, receipts, one-pagers and more in bulk directly from your table's records.

Create custom pages from records

Stackby's page designer app integrates seamlessly with your database, allowing you to leverage existing data in your table and transform into visually stunning record pages.

Design with ease

Simply select page size & page orientation and start designing in a 2D environment. Drag and drop columns from existing table, and arrange and organize your data within your page design.

Customization at your fingertips

Create pages that aligns with your brand's aesthetics and requirements. Add custom static text and images to your page design along with dynamic column data.

Preview,Export & Print

Once you perfect your page design, you can preview in full screen, export it into PDF and even print individual records based on custom dimensions you set.

Elevate your workflow

Create any sort of a page you can imagine. Need a custom invoice creator, an online certificate generator or a YouTube thumbnail generator? Your search ends today.

Curated page designer templates

Online Invoice Creator
Youtube Thumbnail Creator
Online Certificate Maker
Salary Slip Generator


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