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Solutions for Marketing teams

Solutions for HR teams

Solutions for Sales teams

Solutions for Operations teams

Solutions for Marketing teams

Plan, manage & automate your end-to-end campaigns, content, SEO, video production & more. Streamline workflows, requests and automate marketing reporting for your company or your client’s. 

Solutions for HR teams

Easily build your custom ATS, manage your recruitment pipeline, ensure smooth employee onboarding and consolidate all HR assets & projects in a single place. 

Solutions for Sales Teams

Build your custom CRM or track sales pipeline and keep your sales, account management or partnership teams in sync to achieve your milestones. Unite sales data, automate sales reporting and keep moving work forward. 

Solutions for Operations Teams

Manage your business operations smoothly and ensure operational efficiency with operations management solutions. Track vendors, orders, inventory, purchases, requests, catalogs and more - all in one place. 

Solutions for Product teams

Build roadmap, prioritise features, collect user feedback and successfully launch products by keeping data and teams in sync. Put your best foot forward.

Solutions for Project teams

From basic to complex projects, use Stackby to customise your own project management solution. Automate project reporting and KPIs and collaborate with your team to get things done.

Solution FAQs

How is Stackby different from spreadsheets?

Stackby is a no-code platform that is as easy to use as a spreadsheet but works like a relational database. It's completely customizable and entirely flexible for your teams to use. If you want to structure your data and are all over the place, you need a database. Often users struggle on spreadsheets to manage their workflows, as they are not meant to organize data. With a structured database platform like Stackby, you can organize, manage and automate your data more effectively. Learn more how Stackby is different from spreadsheets.

What are the few differences with google sheets or excel?

Few major differences with excel or google sheets include 25+ rich column types to structure your table, relational database features (link across tables, lookup, rollup and more), 6 different data views (including forms), real-time team collaboration, 50+ column-linked API connectors, 3000+ workflow integrations and more. Stackby has zero learning curve & does not require any training or coding to use it.

What are the different no-code solutions we can build?

We've seen Stackby being used across industries - from book publishing to media production to startups to marketing agencies to real-estate companies and more. Teams across 100+ unique industries have already build their own no-code solutions on Stackby. You can build an Applicant Tracking System, a CRM, a Project Management Solution, Marketing Campaign Tracker, Product Catalog or a Custom Database of any kind, the possibilities with Stackby are truly endless. You can choose from one from 300+ pre-built no-code database templates and get inspired to build your own no-code solution for your teams or business. You can even automate your workflow and data by connecting Stackby to over 3000+ apps or create custom dashboards via our apps marketplace.

I'm still figuring my use-case? Can I schedule a demo?

Our team is standing by and ready to help you make the right decision for your teams. You can schedule a demo here if you'd like to connect to us or if you are self-learner, you can check out our webinar and videos to get started right away. You can also join our global stacker community with invite code - iamstacker and ask any questions you have.

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