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Project Tracker

Looking for a method to ensure that your projects are completed and delivered to the clients on time? Do you want all your teams to communicate and collaborate seamlessly? Or do you want to improve project scheduling and enhance task management?

The answer to all your questions lies in project management and our project tracker template is the perfect tool to help you through it.

What is project management?

The process of planning, organizing, and managing multiple tasks to finish a project successfully and within the given deadline is called project management.

Every project needs a structure and plan. The length and complexity of this plan will depend on the nature of the particular project. Put in simple terms, the stages of such a plan include:

  • Understanding the client’s needs to set project goals and objectives.
  • Breaking down the project into individual tasks, assigning team members, allocating budget, and setting deadlines.
  • Working on the tasks according to the plan that has been formulated.
  • Tracking the work progress regularly and analyzing if it is per the original plan.
  • Finish and deliver the project and secure the client’s approval.
  • With project management, the entire process would be chaotic and challenging to handle.
  • With multiple projects from different clients, keeping track of the status of each one can be quite a hassle.

Stackby is here to your rescue! With our custom-made Project Tracker Template, you can rest assured that all your projects will be done on time and meet the client’s expectations.

Using Stackby’s Project Tracker Template, you will be able to:

  • Manage all your projects in one place.
  • Add notes to each project to get a more comprehensive understanding.
  • Check the category each project belongs to (Branding/ Digital/ Content/ etc.). 
  • Record the clients who have assigned each project.
  • Assign a team leader to each project to enhance accountability.
  • Track the team members responsible for each project.
  • Attach the project files to the template to provide easy access to all teams.
  • Monitor the start date and the due date for the project to ensure that it is turned in within the deadline given.
  • Record the tasks due to each project.
  • Track the current status of each task (To Do/ Doing/ Done) 
  • Monitor the total number of days spent working on each project.
  • Record the details of each client that has collaborated with your company.
  • Store contact details of your clients to avoid any communication gaps.
  • Check if each task has been completed or not, and monitor the due date of the same.
  • Monitor and update your project and task details in the project tracker as and when required.

Regardless of the size and nature of your business, with our Project Tracker Template, you can track your projects from start to finish with minimum effort and maximize your growth and revenue!

SMART Goals Templates


Let’s consider a scenario where a reputed client assigned a project to your company. As soon as you received the list of client’s requirements, you broke down the entire project into multiple interconnected tasks and assigned them to your teams.

Does your responsibility end here? Of course not! If you want to ensure that the work is finished and delivered on time, you must keep track of all the work that is being done! That’s where our SMART Goals Template can be of help.

Tracking is a powerful tool and an essential aspect of your workflow process. Results of several surveys and research undertook have consistently shown that tracking improves the quality and productivity of your work!

Why is goal tracking important?

  • Provides direction and streamlines the workflow process.
  • It is a constant source of motivation and gives your team the extra push they need to deliver quality work on time.
  • Sets priorities for your organization.
  • Encourages employees to collaborate and work together to achieve success.
  • Helps you quantify success and redirect resources towards strategies working in your favour.
  • Enhances productivity and accountability of your employees.
  • Improves company morale and is a tool to overcome mental blocks.

Now that you know the importance of goal tracking, you may be wondering. How do I set goals for my company? The answer lies in SMART goals.

What are SMART Goals?

SMART is an acronym that is used as a guide to goal setting. It allows you to set goals that are properly understood, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow. According to this concept, the goals you set should fulfil the following criteria:

S – Specific: Be specific about what it is that you want to achieve. Your goal should be clear, precise, and well-defined. It should be easily understood by everyone related to the project.

M – Measurable: The goal you set needs to be measurable. Decide on the metrics you want to use to measure your goal.

A – Achievable: The goal should be attainable and achievable. Setting unachievable targets can prove to be counterproductive and demoralizing.

R – Realistic: You should set the goal according to the available resources, time, and knowledge.

T – Timely: An appropriate amount of time should be allocated to each goal.

Looking for a goal tracker template to help you set and track goals easily? Well, your search is over! Stackby has developed its very own SMART Goals Tracker Template for you! 

With our smart goals template, you will be able to:

  • Set SMART goals and track them from a single interface.
  • Assign a value to each goal.
  • Record the metrics associated with each goal.
  • Monitor the due date for the goal.
  • Track the current status of the goal metrics.
  • Keep a weekly track of your progress with the smart goals template.
  • Update the data as and when required.

Copy the stack and start using our SMART goals template today! If you're tracking your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), check out the OKR Tracking template

OKR Tracking Templates

OKR Tracking

OKR is an abbreviation for Objectives and Key Results. The Objectives here are the desired outcomes for your company. It is a description of what you want to achieve.

Now, the question arises. How will you achieve said objectives? The answer lies in the other half of the concept – Key Results. Key Results are the metrics that allow you to measure and track your progress towards reaching the objectives described earlier.

Objectives Answer the question – What do I want to accomplish? On the other hand, Key Results are an answer to – How will I get it done?

OKR is a widely-used technique that allows a company to define its objectives and communicate the same to the team members and employees in a quantifiable and precise manner. With a well-planned ORK strategy, you can achieve your goals faster and more effectively. Stackby’s OKR tracking template helps you implement these strategies easily.

OKRs should be simple, flexible, transparent, and concise. They should be in line with the overall goal of the company and should be limited in number. Setting too many objectives at the same time can prove to be counter-productive for the company. You know your OKRs are working when they encourage your employees to venture out of their comfort zone and aim higher.

What are the benefits of OKRs?

  • Lead to the effective utilization of the company resources.
  • Enhance employee engagement and increase employee productivity.
  • Allow your employees to be creative and innovative and give them the flexibility they need to work efficiently. 
  • Provide guidance and direction to employees. OKR is the most effective method to convey the company goals and avoid any communication gap.
  • Allow you to monitor the performance of your company and employees and take requisite measures.
  • Allow you to break down a large goal into smaller achievable objectives.

Are you looking for an okr template to define your objectives and track your key results? Stackby is here to your rescue! Considering the effectiveness of the OKR technique, Stackby has developed an OKR Tracking Template.

This user-friendly OKR template with customizable columns is your go-to solution for any OKR related issues. Get rid of the multiple spreadsheets and track everything from one place with our okr template!

Using Stackby’s OKR tracking template, you can now:

  • Create your list of objectives for your company.
  • Assign a priority status to each objective (High/ Medium/ Low).
  • Monitor the completion percentage of the objectives and add notes to each if necessary.
  • Assign a lead team member to each objective to facilitate coordination among team members and the company.
  • Track the key results associated with each objective.
  • Record the percentage completion of each metric and the quarter for which it is being measured.
  • Add notes and comments for a better description.
  • Add and remove objectives and key results as and when required.
  • Monitor and update the data regularly.

Collaborate with your team and develop an OKR strategy for your company with Stackby’s OKR template!

Task Lists  Templates

Task Lists

Are you preparing a presentation for your college assignment? Making jewellery for your boutique? Working on a report for your supervisor? Regardless of the nature of your work, the key to successfully executing a project is task management. Our Task Lists Template is here to help you do that easily.

To make the entire process manageable, a project is broken down into simple tasks. Task management is the process of organizing, tracking, and monitoring project tasks from start to finish. It involves delegating work to team members and setting deadlines to ensure that it is completed on time.

If done correctly, task management can improve your team’s productivity and the quality of your project.   

Instead of focusing on the entire project’s deadline, the trick is to set achievable deadlines for individual tasks. As a result, when you cross-off the completed entries from your task checklist, it will build momentum and encourage you to keep working on the project.

Are you looking for a task list template to monitor the progress of your project? Are you facing problems keeping track of your task status, task deadlines, and task work? Well, you have come to the right place as our Task Lists template is perfect for the job!

Stackby has the perfect task list template to solve all your problems. With our Simple Task Lists Template, you no longer have to spend sleepless nights worrying about your project. 

With its customizable list of tasks and easy-to-use interface, you can monitor every detail without breaking a sweat. Using Stackby’s Task Tracker, you will be able to:

  • Break down your entire project into manageable tasks and store the list in one place.
  • Assign each task to a team member according to their area of expertise.
  • Track the number of tasks that have been assigned to each individual. This will help you analyze if a particular member has been given too much or too little responsibility.
  • Monitor the due date of each task. This is important to ensure that the project is completed within the deadline. 
  • Track the current status of each task and assign a category to each task.
  • View the list of completed tasks. This will keep your team motivated.
  • In multiple projects, this template allows you to track the project each task belongs to.
  •  Record a list of all the projects you are currently working on.
  •  Track the current status of each project (Yet to Start/ WIP/ Done).
  • Assign a priority status to each project (High/ Medium/ Low).
  • Attach photographs related to the project to the template. You can also add remarks or comments to a project if required.
  • Track the deadline of each project using the template’s in-built calendar.
  • Record and update the project and task details as and when required.

Stackby’s task list template will help you start to finish and ensure that you complete all your tasks. Tracking your project tasks has never been so easy! Use the stack today and see for yourself. 

Project Resource Management Templates

Project Resource Management

A project is a set of activities done to create a new product or service, and various activities are undertaken to achieve the desired goal. But to accomplish a project, efficient use of resources is a must.

But there can be many projects going on in an organization at once, and for every project, resources are required. It may become a bit hectic or tiring to remember which project requires what resources and who is in charge of that project.

A project resource management template is the solution to your problem. It will help you carry out all the projects with ease by tracking them along with the necessary information such as category, start date, end date, the person assigned and the status from a single location. You can easily pull out any information you need with just a click and be always informed.

Why is Project Resource Management Template important?

Project resource management means planning, scheduling and then allocating all those resources such as people, machinery or facilities, to use them in the best possible way. Project resource management helps you in the successful execution of the project or task.

Project resource management is important because:

  • It gives you a bird’s eye view about everything and everyone involved in the project.
  • It allows for optimal utilization of the resources so that the result is achieved with less cost and resources.
  • It makes the planning process transparent.
  • It keeps you updated about the resources, and you can be prepared for any problems before they arise.
  • Proper control over the project can be achieved only by proper project resource management.

As important project resource management is, keeping track of resources for every project that is going in the organization can be a bit tough. A project resource management template lets you organize all those resources according to their projects and the people involved with the projects, all at one place.

Who will this be useful for?

This free Project Resource Management Templates will be useful for project managers, team leaders, people working on a project within a team, individuals, business owners and also students.

How can Stackby’s Project Resource Management Template help you?

The project resource management template from Stackby will act as your project companion. It will keep you organized and on track with all the projects going on. It will help you stay updated because every little information about the project will be shared in the template.

  • It will help you gain increased clarity of the work and execute it properly.
  • Gives you a proper and precise idea about the usage of the resources and if anything is lacking.
  • Grants you complete control over the projects because you have every information regarding them.
  • You can organize the data the way you want and categorize them for more efficiency.

You can use the stack by creating an account on Stackby and copy or fill up the data according to your needs. This best project resource management software is free and simple to use.

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Project Portfolio Management Templates

Project Portfolio Management

Any successful project requires continuous effort, supervision and check-ins. Efforts range from making a plan to checking in at every point to make sure things are going as they should.

When a company has many projects or programs going on, it collects those projects for analysis. Collection & management of multiple projects is known as a project portfolio.

Project portfolio management is a continual management strategy which helps in evaluating all the potential projects followed by organizing them on priority.

However, the bigger the portfolio, the greater the number of details. More details entail more data. More data entails more spreadsheets.

What is the solution? Project portfolio management template

A project portfolio management template can help you organize and keep track of each project or program and be in control of your company’s project portfolio.

Why do you need a project portfolio management system? There are multiple reasons to maintain one for your company.

Project portfolio management has many benefits for an organization, like:

  • It helps in the organization’s right project selection, which brings in maximum value and takes the organization a step ahead to the desired goal.
  • It gives a clear and better view of the big picture. The possibility that the organization will be unfocused on a specific project due to any circumstances is reduced.
  • It enables the managers and other employees to be more goal-driven and keep working hard to succeed in the project they are associated with.
  • It encourages the managers to create a more collaborative environment so that the personnel assigned with the tasks takes the project as a collaborative effort and not a competition.
  • With the project portfolio, the resources are well organized and can be used in a way that the result is achieved with as little cost as possible.
  • The decision-making process gets more informed with all the data analysis, and the selection of the project becomes easier.

The project portfolio management template helps the managers control and keep track of all the projects and the related activities.

How can Stackby’s Project Portfolio Management Template help you?

Analysing and keeping track of all the projects and programs can take a toll on anyone. A project portfolio management template will help you keep updated and to stay on track always. Use this template to analyse and manage a group of current or proposed projects based on various key characteristics. 

You can categorize the projects and their tasks along with the completion status and the teams involved. You will never be out of focus and will always be informed about the ongoing or already done activities and the latest updates.

You can use the Project Portfolio Management template by copying or entering the required data the way you want. It can also be accessed anywhere, anytime by your team and be updated in real-time.

Project Schedule Templates

Project Schedule

A Project schedule template is used to create and maintain a list of all the projects – completed and ongoing – of a company and record an overview of each of them. The project schedule template assists with tracking various projects and getting an idea about their progress. A Project Schedule Template also helps identify task relationships.

The project schedule template is a general outline of any ongoing or completed projects that lists all the tasks and activities related to the project. The project completion progress report also helps identify if and which resources need to be directed towards various projects.

Why do you need a Project Schedule Template?

Project Schedule is helpful to the company; it assists the managers by providing an overview of the various projects that are ongoing in the company. This template would enable keeping track of the progress of all ongoing projects.

Effectively assign tasks to various team members to complete projects on time without any overlapping of work. By creating task lists for yourself and your team, you can complete projects and attain the best result out of them.

This template can also be used to communicate tasks and responsibilities to team members and monitor performance in real-time, along with project schedule tracking.

Who is this template for?

Project Schedule template can be used by the senior management of a company who has to oversee several projects led by various team members. This template would assist them by giving an easy and simpler option to manage the projects and check their progress.

How will Stackby’s Project Schedule Template help you?

You can use Stackby’s Project Schedule Template to:

  • Share information, use in communicating tasks, and keep any project information available to the person managing the projects
  • The status column can be used to check the projects' status, whether they are completed, ongoing, or canceled.
  • This would give the person viewing the template a clear picture about the status and an idea about all the company's running projects and accordingly take actions and allocate resources and personnel. 
  • The start date and end date column in our template would let you know when each project started. This helps to keep track of how long a project is running and the date of completion.
  • The associated task column helps you see which tasks are associated with that particular project. You have the total associated task column and total completed tasks column, which show you the total number of pending tasks and the total number of completed tasks.
  • You also get to see the manager heading the particular project, so you have a clear idea of who to contact if you want to discuss a particular project.
  • You also have a column that shows you the percentage of completion of a project. This allows you to track the progress of the projects.

There is also a separate window where you can specifically see the tasks assigned to the projects. Here you can see the tasks assigned to each project, any attachments related to the projects, and the date the tasks are assigned and their deadlines.

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Project Proposal Templates

Project Proposal

A company is bound to encounter a few obstacles while conducting a new project now and then. These problems have to be solved for the project to be brought into action. The Stackby Project Proposal Template helps you target and solve these problems so that the company does not incur any loss due to these obstacles.  

What is a project proposal, and why is it necessary?

A project proposal is usually a rough draft of the initial project plan. Through this, the company can identify the various problems they may encounter while executing the project and apply measures to terminate them beforehand. After which, the preparation of the project plan can be finalized.

How will Stackby’s Project Proposal plan assist you?

  • The template helps you prepare the layout of the project, including the budget, type of project, management, and team for the project, date of commencement and the deadline, and the progress status of the project.
  • The advantages of the project can be recorded, and any requirements for the plan can be updated as and when required. 
  • The problems and the manner of solving them through various channels can be thoroughly listed. Any other tips regarding this can also be noted without any hassle. 
  • The project document control and its status can also be tracked with the help of the project proposal template. This means that any new changes like fresh drafts, new sponsors, etc., can be updated as and when required. 
  • The dates of any updates are recorded to avoid any confusion. This helps to undo any changes if it is required. 

Who will find this template useful?

Companies functioning under sponsorships or any other businesses managing multiple projects will be finding this template extremely useful.

Design Project Planning Template

Use this stack

Early stages of production, designing the product become the key to the success of the project. The planning and organising of the project design determine the sales of the product or service. Thus, Stackby brings to you the Design Project Planning Template that simplifies the work ok of the firm without compromising the quality or design of the project.

How will Stackby’s Design Project Planning Template assist you?

  • This template is packed with updatable features that also allows you to record the status of the project.
  • It determines the categories of the project and the project owner.
  • This template also keeps track of the project's starting date and end date, along with any other necessary notes.
  • The attachment and link feature makes the navigation of the project documents easy.
  • Moreover, tasks can be easily monitored, and the team can be working on them along with them.

Who will find this template helpful?

Program managers, project owners, and freelancers will be finding the use of this template.