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Project Schedule Template

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A Project schedule template is used to create and maintain a list of all the projects – completed and ongoing – of a company and having an overview of each of them. The project schedule template assists with tracking various projects and getting an idea about their progress. A Project Schedule Template also helps identify task relationships.

The project schedule template is a general outline of any ongoing or completed projects that lists, and all the tasks and activities related to the project; the project completion progress report also helps identify if and which resources need to be directed towards various projects.

Why do you need a Project Schedule Template?

Project Schedule is helpful to the company; it assists the managers by getting an overview of the various projects that are ongoing in the company. This template would enable keeping track of the progress of all ongoing projects.

Effectively assign tasks to various team members to complete projects on time without any overlapping of work. By creating task lists for yourself and your team, you can complete projects and attain the best result out of them.

This template can also be used to communicate tasks and responsibilities to team members and monitor performance in real-time, along with project schedule tracking.

Who is this template for?

Project Schedule template can be used by the senior management of a company who has to oversee several projects led by various team members. This template would assist them by giving them an easy and simpler option to manage the projects and check their progress.

How will Stackby’s Project Schedule Template help you?

You can use Stackby’s Project Schedule Template to:

  • Share information, make use in communicating tasks, along with keeping any projects made available to the person managing the projects using the template.
  • The status column can be used to check the projects' status, whether they are completed, ongoing, or canceled.
  • This would give the person viewing the template a clear picture about the status and an idea about all the company's running projects and accordingly take actions and allocate resources and personnel accordingly. Making effective usage of resources of the company.
  • The start date and end date column in our template would let you know when each project started; this helps keep track of how long a project is running and when the project ended.
  • The associated task column helps you see which tasks are associated with that particular project; you have the total associated task column and total completed tasks column, which show you the total number of pending tasks and the total number of completed tasks.
  • You also get to see the manager heading the particular project, so you have a clear idea of who to contact if you want to discuss a particular project.
  • You also have a column that shows you the percentage of completion of a project. This allows you to track the progress of the projects.

There is also a separate window where you can specifically see the assigned tasks to all the projects. Here you could see which tasks are assigned to which projects, any attachments related to the projects, and the date the tasks are assigned, and their deadlines are mentioned.

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