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Google Analytics Report Template

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Launched in 2005, Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools that allow users to monitor, track, and analyze their websites, blogs, and social networks. It gives you a detailed analysis of parameters like the number of people that visit your website, the names of websites that direct traffic to your pages, the most visited pages on your website, etc.

Why is it essential to use Google Analytics?

Unlike several digital analytics services, Google Analytics is available free of cost! Let’s see why it’s so important to sign up for this service.

  • Reports website metrics, including page views, pages per visit, bounce rate, average time on site, and new visits.
  • Helps you understand which channels have directed the most traffic to your website.
  • Gives you an idea of the most common keywords used to access your website. 
  • Allows you to track if a user completes a specific action on your website, that is, the website’s conversion rate.
  • Monitors which users mostly use devices to access your website.
  • Analyses your website content and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Helps you understand which strategies are working and bringing the maximum returns.

Combined with easy access and a user-friendly interface, Google Analytics has become the go-to tool for users worldwide!

How to use Google Analytics?

It’s as easy as following a few simple steps!

  1. Create an account on Google and get access to Google Analytics.
  2. Enter necessary information like account name, website name, website URL, industry category, etc.
  3. Add the Google Analytics Tracking Code on every page of your website. This is essential if you want Google to track and analyze your website. The installation process will depend on the type of website.
  4. Set up goals and site search.
  5. View your Google Analytics report!

As Google Analytics generates a large pool of data about your website, keeping track of everything can prove to be quite chaotic! This is where we come in. Our Google Analytics Report Template is exactly what you need in this scenario. Complete with easy integrations and intelligent automations to pull data from Google Analytics, the Google Analytics Report Template serves as companion to plan, manage and execute online strategies via your website.

With Stackby’s Google Analytics Report Template, you can source all the data from Google Analytics and track everything on a single interface. 

Using this automated Google Analytics Report template, you can:

  • Report the number of new users, session per user, and the percentage of new sessions for a particular period.
  • Track the average session duration and the total number of sessions.
  • Report on different aspects of your website like the number of bounces and the bounce rate.  
  • Get a monthly overview of all the relevant metrics data generated by Google Analytics.
  • Automate all these metrics in a sheet, so you don't have to manually copy paste in your spreadsheets. 
  • Build your custom Google Analytics Dashboard. 

Stackby’s Google Analytics Report Template will help you create detailed reports about the performance of your website. This will enable you to adjust your online strategy to attract the maximum number of users. Check out this tutorial on how you can automate your Google Analytics Reports and build your own custom dashboard.