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Google E-Commerce Reports Template

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Google E-Commerce Reports Template
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E-Commerce is the fastest growing industry right now with its roots in every part of the world.

An eCommerce company which is engaged in selling of the products through online mode has to be aware of the transactions, the number of purchases, the number of items returned and all other things in order to eliminate any deviations.

Google Analytics is used to determine these reports and tells the user about the activities going on in their e-commerce website. This helps the management understand what are the changes that are to be done, if any?

But keeping a track of every google e-commerce report and every category can prove to be exhausting and time-consuming. A google e-commerce report template will help you get your work organised and keep everything on track in a single platform.

Why do we need a Google Ecommerce Reports Template?

With an e-commerce report, you can track your purchase activity on the website or app and see product-related information, e-commerce conversion rate, average order value, time to purchase, and every other data.

With so much information to analyse, it must be hectic to go through every detail separately. In order to keep a track of every purchase transaction and to be able to pull up any information whenever needed; you need to have a google e-commerce report template.

With the template, your work will be much less because you will have access to all the information regarding the website in a single platform and it is easy to use. It gathers all the analytical information directly to the template for you to view seamlessly.

Whether you need the report for managerial decision making or to attract investors, an e-commerce report template will make sure that you get your report in an attractive and easy way.

How can Stackby’s Google Ecommerce Reports Template help you?

The google e-commerce reports template from Stackby is the perfect solution for any manager who needs to keep a track of every google analytics report. The template is designed in a way that it makes updating and reviewing very easy and the colourful theme encourages you to work more.

Using the Google Ecommerce Reports template, you will be able to:

  • Connect and import the GA details for each view ID.
  • Record the month, start date, and end date for which the data is being gathered and recorded.
  • Track the quantity refunded and the quantity checked out.
  • Record the quantity removed from and added to the cart.
  • Track the quantity of the item. All of this falls under Ecommerce Quantity.
  • In a similar manner, you can track the e-commerce translation, e-commerce product, e-commerce refund/ purchase, and e-commerce local transaction.

Just link your google analytics account with the Google Ecommerce Reports template and all your e-commerce website reports will be ready for review automatically.

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