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Facebook Ad Campaigns Template

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Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world. A decisive majority of the world uses Facebook daily now. Because of the large audience present on Facebook, it has become commonplace for advertisement and media. Many companies now advertise their products or any news they want to circulate.

Running Facebook campaigns has been proven to be very effective with high conversion rates of leads into customers. However, running Facebook campaigns can be highly stressful as well. This is why a Facebook Ad Campaign Template is integral for any business.

An easy way to manage multiple campaigns and their unending details is to use Facebook ad templates.

Why do you need a Facebook Ad Campaigns template?

Facebook campaigns can be equal parts stressful and equal parts rewarding. Managing all the little details along with tracking different KPIs and campaign metrics can prove to be a little too much to handle.

An easy way to do this is to have all of your information at one place and categorize it in a way that you can access it whenever you want. Facebook ad templates are a perfect fit for your requirements!

You can easily plan and manage your Facebook ad campaigns; along with tracking your campaign metrics in real-time with a Facebook campaign management template.

How can Stackby’s Facebook Campaign Template help you?

With the Facebook Ad Campaign Template, you can:

  • Manage your campaigns, adsets and ads in a single place via bringing data from the respective APIs. 
  • Keep track of all the ad campaigns and check on their status, whether they are active or inactive.
  • Automatically pull in of all the unique clicks, CPC, CTR, spend etc. by campaigns, adsets and ads.  
  • Know when a campaign started and when it is going to end and plan accordingly for the next one.
  • Categorize them and link the related campaigns to their categories and get correlated results when searched.
  • Organize all your ad assets to have a clear picture of that campaign.
  • Categorize your campaigns and paste the links of the ads that are running under that campaign. 
  • And finally bring all your facebook ad account statistics to summarize your efforts. 

A well-designed facebook campaign might get hectic to manage, but with this Facebook Campaign template - you can efficiently manage and track your facebook ad campaigns in a single place. Collaborate & share with your team or clients, and get the most bang for the buck. Automate your facebook ad metrics tracking, and focus on building awesome ads with the Facebook Ad Campaigns Template.

Check out this awesome tutorial video to learn how to manage your facebook ads.