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Facebook Ad Campaigns Template

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Facebook Ad Campaigns Template
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Running Facebook ad campaigns has been proven to be very effective with high conversion rates of leads into customers. However, running Facebook campaigns can be highly stressful as well. This is why a Facebook Ad Campaign Template is integral for any business.

An easy way to manage multiple campaigns and their unending details is to use Facebook ad templates.

Why do you need a Facebook Ad Campaigns template?

Facebook campaigns can be equal parts stressful and equal parts rewarding. Managing all the little details along with tracking different KPIs and campaign metrics can prove to be a little too much to handle.

An easy way to do this is to have all of your information at one place and categorize it in a way that you can access it whenever you want. Facebook ad templates are a perfect fit for your requirements!

You can easily plan and manage your Facebook ad campaigns; along with tracking your campaign metrics in real-time with a Facebook campaign management template.

What is Included in Facebook Ads Campaign Planning Template?

The template helps you keep a track of Facebook Ads, Accounts, Campaigns, and Adsets. It includes Facebook Ads API that helps you bring –

  • Facebook Ads data for different campaigns based on Ad IDs
  • Facebook Accounts data based on different Account IDs
  • Facebook Campaigns data based on different Campaign IDs
  • Facebook Adsets data based on different Adset IDs

Ads Table: This table stores all the important KPIs related to Facebook Ads such as: 

  • CPM
  • CPC
  • Unique Clicks
  • Ad Text
  • Assets Status 
  • Ad Header
  • Status of Ad (Active, Inactive, Preparing)
  • Due Date
  • Campaigns 
  • Leads, etc. 

Accounts: This table stores all the important KPIs related to your Facebook Ad Accounts such as CPC, spending, CTR, Clicks, and impressions, and also enables you to bring the Ad Ids. 

Campaigns: This table stores all the data and important metrics related to your Facebook Ad Campaigns such as Ads, Adsets, CPM, CPC, Date of Starting, Date of Stopping, Clicks, Impressions, etc. 

Adsets: This table stores all the data related to Facebook Adsets such as budget, total ads in an adset, location, target audience, age of target audience, start date, CPM, impressions, CPC, spending, and clicks. 

Track Facebook Ads based on their Status

Stackby’s Facebook Ads planning template includes a Kanban view that helps you visualize all your Facebook Ads based on their status, that is, active, preparing, inactive, closed, etc. 

Track different Ad Campaigns based on their Start Date

The Facebook Ads Campaign template also includes a Calendar view that helps you visualize the different starting points of your ad campaigns. 

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Create a Facebook Ads Reporting Tool and Share it with your Clients/Team

If you want to track the important KPIs of different Facebook Ads run by your team, our Facebook Ads Campaign Template makes it possible for you. It includes an Ads Reporting view that enables you to track all the important KPIs related to Facebook Ads such as: 

  • CPC
  • Starting date
  • Stopping date
  • CPM
  • Unique Clicks
  • Number of Clicks, etc. 

Schedule API with Automatic Time-Triggers

No need to manually update your Facebook Ads tracker. Just click on the clock icon beside the name of your API column and set the day and time of automation that will fetch the data from your Facebook Ads account and add it automatically to the respective columns. 

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How to Create an Effective Facebook Ads Campaign

1. Identify your target personas: You must create a persona for your ideal customer that will help you understand their pain points, interests, and preferences and provide ads that would appeal to them. 

2. Brainstorm: Once you know your audience, you can now search on Google and other online resources to find out what kind of ads you can create. 

3. Choose your bait: This is when you create compelling content that would trigger your audience to buy your product/service. You can use power words, action words, storytelling, etc. to create your Facebook ad campaign. 

4. Design creatives: Powerful words, combined with incredible designs make a perfect Facebook ad campaign. So the last step is to work on ad creatives. 

How to Use Facebook Ad Campaign Template?

  • Copy this template to your Stackby workspace. Make sure you have integrated Facebook Ads API to your Workspace using the API key. 
  • Bring your Facebook Ads Data to Stacky using API columns based on respective IDs. 
  • Enter data such as ad assets, ad headers, and ad text, and log the status of each ad.  
  • Categorize your campaigns and paste the links of the ads that are running under that campaign.
  • Track the most important KPIs of different Facebook Ads Campaigns in one place using our JSON data explorer. 
  • Schedule data fetch using time-triggered automation and bring data in real-time to your tables. 

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A well-designed facebook campaign might get hectic to manage, but with this Facebook Campaign template - you can efficiently manage and track your Facebook ad campaigns in a single place. Collaborate & share with your team or clients, and get the most bang for the buck. Automate your Facebook ad metrics tracking , and focus on building awes ome ads with the Facebook Ad Campaigns Template..

Check out this awesome tutorial video to learn how to manage your Facebook ads.  

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