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Video Production Planning and Tracking Template

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If you are given a choice between reading a long, written description of a product or watching a YouTube video on the same, there is a high probability that you will choose the latter. 

Videos allow an individual to express their ideas and a company to showcase their products in a visual, interactive, and engaging format.

Videos are easy to understand and drive traffic to your company’s website. They are easily searchable and allow companies to showcase their products uniquely. You can reach a wider audience with your YouTube channel’s help and analyse the performance of your video via YouTube metrics.

However, planning and producing a video is not a simple endeavour. From the type of video, the video content to the budget allocated for the same, video production planning requires careful consideration of several factors.

After the video has been produced and uploaded, you also need to analyse its performance to understand if video production’s current strategy is working. YouTube metrics such as the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments, etc. give you an idea about your video’s performance.

However, planning the production of a video and tracking video metrics is not easy. With multiple videos and a wide range of metrics data, tracking everything can be quite a hassle. Well, don’t worry! Stackby is here with a solution for you!

We have created a video production template for you! Whether you run your own YouTube channel or a video production agency, everyone can use this template.

Here’s how you can use the template to streamline your production process and monitor YouTube video metrics in a single place. The template allows you to:

  • Record the details of all the videos on a single platform.
  • Store the details of the brand concerning each video.
  • You can record the type of each video in the list. It can be a trailer, snippet, etc.
  • Collaborate with your video production team to manage your process end to end. 
  • Add the title of the video to the template itself. 
  • Record the duration of the video in the video production planning template.
  • Maintain and update the details as and when required.

You can also view the template in Kanban style which will help you to get clearer and quicker access to multiple information about a certain video.

You can also use the video production template to track the video metrics and manage your video reporting in the same place. 

All you have to do is integrate a column with YouTube API. This will allow you to pull in metrics data directly to your corresponding row. You can choose which information you want to look at, and can also refers it anytime to get the latest data.

You can track and monitor the number of likes, dislikes, views, comments, etc. and even bring title, description, video tags and more. You can schedule this API and sit back while you'll see your how your video is performing on YouTube in real-time. 

If you're a video production team or running a YouTube channel, this is a must for you.