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Ad Campaign Planning Template

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Advertising is an integral part of a company’s workflow. It serves a dual purpose. Advertising is both a promotional as well as a marketing activity.

Your company's product development team worked day and night to produce the best and most innovative product for your company. However, if you don't market the product properly by conducting strategic and well-planned ad campaigns, it won’t bring any revenue for the company.

Ad campaigns are conducted both online and offline on a vast range of platforms.

From social media, blogs, Google ads, WhatsApp messaging service to roadside banners and pamphlets, the companies choose the platform depending on the customer base they want to target.

An effective ad campaign directly leads to increased brand awareness and customer acquisition. It helps raise the visibility of your company's brand and corresponding product. Therefore, executing it to perfections is a must and our Ad Campaign Planning Template can give you a hand there.

Personalized ad campaigns allow you to build a relationship with your customer base, which positively impacts brand loyalty. It allows you to launch your new products in front of a wide audience and attract as many potential customers as possible.

Before you go ahead with your advertising campaign planning process, it is important to analyze its cost-benefit ratio. The resources you spend on advertisements should not exceed the returns it brings in new customers.

You must choose the right platform and employ the right people who can develop creative and innovative ideas for the advertising campaign planning process.

To maximize their benefits, companies conduct ad campaigns on multiple platforms depending on the target audience. However, managing an advertising campaign planning process can be quite tedious and time-taking.

Stackby's Ad Campaign Planning Template will allow you to track multiple campaigns using a single platform. Bid farewell to the days when you had to go through multiple databases to extract the information you are looking for.

With Stackby's Ad Campaign Planning Template, you can easily store all the details of your ad campaigns. Using the template, you will be able to:

  • Record the details of all the ad campaigns run by your company.
  • Record the platform of each ad campaign. It can be Facebook, WhatsApp, physical advertisements like roadside banners, Telegram, Google Ads, emails, etc.
  • Appoint an assignee for each campaign. You can also appoint multiple assignees.
  • Store the details of each assignee under the assignee’s tab of the template. You can record the current position of the assignee.
  • Maintain and update the contact details whenever necessary. This includes the phone number and email address and helps avoid any communication gap between your team members.
  • Keep a check on the total number of ad campaigns that each assignee is responsible for.
  • Monitor and update the details as and when required.

Collaborate with your marketing team to run the most effective ad campaign for your company using Stackby’s Ad Campaign Planning Template!