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Marketing Plan Template

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Marketing Plan Template
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Every company needs to market their products or services in order to grab the attention of the target customers. Without marketing, people won't be informed about the product and the company itself making it next to impossible to cultivate brand awareness.

All your marketing efforts need to have a marketing plan to achieve results and our Marketing Plan Template to ensure execution of these efforts without a hitch. 

Creating your own marketing plan is worth each and every minute of your time because let’s face it – a business without a marketing plan is like a house without a blueprint.

Nowadays, marketing can be done in numerous ways. The most used platforms for marketing are Social media like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to the more traditional modes such as YouTube, Television and Newspapers. Influencer marketing is the rage at the moment wherein brands ask multiple influencers or actors/actresses to endorse their products. All this leads to a very important question. 

Why do you Need a Marketing Plan?

A Marketing plan is the right way to create achievable goals for your business/product. With a marketing plan, you know what to expect out of your marketing efforts. It also helps you gain a clearer view of the critical aspects of marketing you need to focus on.

Last, but not the least, it helps be more consistent with your marketing efforts.

Sometimes, however, it might become a bit frantic to track all the information regarding marketing plans on different platforms. That’s where our Marketing Plan Template comes in.

A marketing plan template from Stackby will help you keep track of the marketing plans and manage them in a single platform with easier accessibility.

Who Will this template be useful for?

This free marketing plan template will be useful for marketing managers, marketing teams, business owners, freelancers, SMEs, or any organization looking to market themselves or their products.

How will Stackby’s Marketing Plan Template help you?

Stackby’s marketing plan template will allow you to track details of all the marketing plans that the company has and other related information, thereby, making the management part all the more easier. 

With Stackby’s marketing plan template, you can:

  • Categorize your multiple marketing efforts at one place under the initiatives row
  • Easily track the starting and ending dates of your different initiatives
  • You can also keep track of the status of the initiative under the stage row – might be live, completed, in process, planning stage or just cancelled.
  • You can easily get hold of the person who has been leading any of the initiatives under task owner.
  • You can also check out what are the goals for each of your marketing initiatives.
  • It is also easy for you to check which marketing initiative is utilizing which platform.
  • Keep track of the following process of each of your marketing initiatives.
  • Keep an easy track of different metrics related to your initiatives – total number of clicks, conversion, conversion rate, your budget, expenditure, targeted CPA, etc.
  • You also get this template in the Kanban view for easier access and lookup.
  • You can also categorize different initiatives according to your understanding by creating multiple sheets in your stack.
  • Other than this, Stackby’s free marketing plan templates are completely customizable and made for your ease of working. 

A few templates that can be used in tandem with Marketing Plan Template are Campaign Management, Social Media Management and Blog Content Calendar 

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