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B2B Content Calendar Template

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B2B Content Writing, also known as Business-to-Business Writing, is where one company creates content for other companies that comes under their target audience. This can be in blog articles, social media posts, Quora answers, and so on.

B2B content has its own format, writing style and of course - audience. Content marketing is an important marketing aspect of multiple businesses. However, keeping up with multiple industry trends, researching, creating content in different formats, and putting out content regularly can be quite the challenge to handle. Scheduling/Planning your content beforehand is a sure-shot solution for keeping up with the particulars a good content requires. That’s where our B2B Content Calendar Template can be of help.

You can easily bring your team on-board, and keep track of all your content needs with Stackby’s B2B Content Calendar Template. You can use it to: Track the details of all your content tasks on a single interface with minimum effort!

  • Track the details of all your content tasks on a single interface with minimum effort!
  • Record the content's title and add a description for each article to facilitate better understanding and clarity among your team members.
  • Keep a record of the keywords that need to be emphasized in the article.
  • Monitor the current status or stage of the article. Your content could be in the planning, staging, production, editing, or live stage. This will allow you to keep track of your team’s progress.
  • Keep an eye on the publishing date and completion date for each article. This will ensure that the work is completed and published within the deadline set by the company.
  • Attach the thumbnail, if any, to the template for easier access.
  • Record the content type for each one and attach links to relevant examples to help your team understand what you’re looking for.
  • Maintain detailed records of all your team members. This includes recording their location, contact details, and job description. The same can be done for the team lead as well. Add a photo of the lead to the template if necessary.

Stackby’s B2B Content Calendar Template offers multiple views to give you easier access to organizing and filtering your work! This includes the grid view, Kanban (stage) view, publishing date view, and the inbuilt content calendar view. Collaborate with your team and produce high-quality content with Stackby’s easy-to-use B2B Content Calendar Template!