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Ahrefs SEO Audit Template

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Ahrefs SEO Audit Template
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With content marketing, advertising through online platforms has become a major traffic source for businesses. Stackby brings the Ahrefs SEO Audit Template that helps the bu siness utilize the data and consumer attraction to their benefit.

Why is SEO Audit Important?

With a report of its online performance, the company increases its prospects of improving its products and services. Improved customer service and engagement increase their online presence and drive organic traffic, eventually improving sales.

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How can Stackby’s Ahrefs SEO Audit Template help you?

The straightforward manner of the template layout allows businesses to record their data with ease.

It allows you to track your keyword positions and traffic with the help of Ahrefs API integration provided by Stackby.

The backlinks generate value for the business, which can also be traced through the backlink feature. It increases the company's advertising and collaborative prospects.

Most importantly, the following count can be traced with the help of the follower’s tracker. This allows the business to decide what type of content is largely consumed by what group of customers.

Who will find this template useful?

This template is useful for SEO marketing agencies as well as firms looking to increase their online presence. It is also beneficial for firms looking to track their consumer preferences to improve their products and services.

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